MMM Minutes 3/5/98

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
March 5, 1998

Present: Rich Bennett, Tom Caswell, Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, Carol Drum, Daniel Fuller, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Erich Kesse, Tom Minton, Richard Phillip, Phek Su, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Whitmer, Elaine Yontz

MSE Mail Conversion
  1. Need to press liaisons to continue conversion of staff to Microsoft Exchange email.
  2. Make sure liaisons are reporting email conversions to Systems.
  3. Web pages and departmental accounts currently housed on NERVM will also need to be moved off that system.
  4. Web pages can be moved to the UNIX server, Caroline. AFA experienced 2 crashes of their baby web servers - Caroline would be much more stable.
  5. Need to set a goal of early summer as the time to try and have everything switched off NERVM.
  6. Carol Drum notes that not all staff members in MSL have computers that can access MSE. Martha stated that by the end of this fiscal year, we will try to acquire more work stations that support MSE for both the public & staff.
Gartner Training Group Courses
  1. The Libraries will be a location which will house the physical media which is not available through the Intranet. These will be in video format.
  2. NERDC will acquire CDís & have them available.
  3. There will be a cost to obtain other media formats.
  4. With the videos, there is no other special requirement other than a VCR. Other formats have more complex requirements and non-standard specifications.
  5. Access for staff to information not on video will be obtained via UF-Gartner Intranet. A GatorLink account is required. Staff will need to look into activating their GatorLink accounts.
  6. Can our public machines access what is loaded at NERDC? Yes.
  7. Would we need soundcards in all of the machines? No. The information is readable web stuff, not multimedia. The multimedia information will not be freely available, it would have to be purchased from individual departments.
  8. The Library may consider multimedia access down the road - for staff and classroom use.
  9. Where we will house these 200 videos has not yet been determined.
  10. The order for the videos goes out March 16.
  11. We may want to extend the time length for the checkout of these videos. Currently, videos go out for 1 day.
  12. The Talking Technologies Program is currently available on the Business School server. The February Gartner Talking Technology tapes are now available at: These should be available from anywhere in the domain. (This includes the Feb. highlight, Tribute to the Typewriter)!
  13. The online Gartner resources can be found from
  14. Earphones will be put on the list of things to purchase.
  15. The Administration has acquired this program in an attempt to support the student computer requirement. Student demand for the information probably wonít pick up until the Fall semester.
  16. These programs may become a component of some courses to indicate that you know what youíre doing in certain courses.
Location change
  1. There has been a request to change the location of the Middle Managerís Meetings so that staff may use the lounge at this time. The Library West Conference Room has been scheduled for future meetings of Middle Managers. (Next meeting is scheduled for March 19).
Xerox Demonstration
  1. Xerox will demonstrate their photocopy offerings on Wednesday, March 4 at 2 PM in the conference room. Everyone is welcomed to attend & see what they have to offer.
  2. Other vendors may be invited at a later date. A contract will be in place by the end of March, as the new one should begin on May 1. (Old contract actually ends April 30).

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