MMM Minutes 4/02/98

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
April 2, 1998

Present: Rich Bennett, Pam Cenzer, Gary Cornwell, Trudi Di Trolio, Carol Drum, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Tom Minton, Richard Phillips, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner, Carol Whitmer

Internet Speed
  1. John Ingram was inquiring if anyone else has been experiencing a slowdown on the Net. He was using the Alta Vista search engine and it was taking forever. Bill & others reply that search engines often get bogged down, especially in the afternoon. Alta Vista has recently undergone a change where the Yahoo search engine is dumping results into Alta Vista, which would increase the load as well. However, if an individual site seems slower than usual, you can contact the site itself, then send the problem directly to Systems to check on it.
  2. Internet speed on campus has doubled.
Acceptable Use Policy
  1. There has been a University-wide committee formed to draft an acceptable use policy to apply to the overall campus community. The policy should be made available for review within a week.
  2. It will basically cover public & staff use of resources: email, web pages and the like. It will have overall variations on the same theme - not to misrepresent yourself in any manner.
  3. We may want to consider incorporating this into the Library policy.
  1. There has been an increasing number of attempts to hack into systems on campus.
  2. There has also been an increase in undesirable mail receipt: strange messages, money-making offers, etc. If it is not illegal, thereís not much that can be done. If the mail is threatening, it can be handled under state policy.
  3. Two threatening messages were sent from MSL public work stations recently, although the culprits changed the headers to try & make it look as if it came from an accounting firm in Tampa. Since the mail was threatening & directed at someone on campus, the matter is being tracked down.
User Authentication
  1. Authentication question - always knowing who is on a computer - this is standard Internet practice, to identify each user.
  2. GatorLink - will be broadly available to UF community, but what about people not affiliated? Recent thought is to establish read-only machines for public use. These would be unauthenticated work sites used to browse web sites, cataloging, etc. It would not permit anything to be sent out as long as the user is not signing in.
  3. Users would be required to have GatorLink accounts in order to send out. The task of generating GatorLink accounts will become more generalized, not restricted strictly to CIRCA. Chosen individuals will be able to generate GatorLink accounts from the web site-based operation. It is not difficult or overly time consuming.
  4. We may want to install filters on a network level to keep certain types of sites from communicating with our machines.
  1. MSL - slow progress, electrical & AC work just starting.
  2. Work order for wiring in East has been submitted.
  3. LAC - the network has been slowing down to a crawl, but there is no traffic. PPD has been called on electrical problems up there - 2 or 3 work orders ago. Bill suspects an electrical ground wiring problem still exists because when the machines further away in the group get turned on, the slowdown occurs. It is when all the machines are on that the disruption takes place. We will try to monitor when/how the slowdown occurs so that when PPD gets called again, we will have hard copy statistics for them.
  4. Campus infrastructure - no major changes.
  5. Switching hubs - changeover will be made soon. Individual work stations will have to change the subnet masks when it occurs. IPís in AFA, Ed & Music will change as well. Overall, this change will give us more leeway with IPís.
  6. MSL 107 & Maps are sharing the Maps printer that runs on the NT server. Have to turn off shared printing in Maps in order for it to print in room 107. The switches should fix this problem, in the meantime, Systems will try to change the way printing is shared there.
  7. Plug-ins: authentication needed. Administration is stalled on the issue of money. One way to get around the problem would be to drop the authentication for walk-ups. Tigert will support walk-up plug-ins over authentication. There are rumors of this being made available to by Summer A or C, but probably wonít happen until the Fall.
  1. 57 new work stations have been ordered: 20 with 15" monitors and 20 with 17" monitors that are for the public work areas. In addition, 17 have been ordered with 17" monitors (with different software) that are intended for staff. Depending upon the manner in which they are shipped, if we need storage area, Carol Drum has offered room 101A in MSL.
  2. More memory ordered for upgrades.
Systems Personnel Change
  1. Destry is on the way out - he is leaving for St. Petersburg by the first week of May.

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