MMM Minutes 5/7/98

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
May 7, 1998

Present: Rich Bennett, Tom Caswell, Pam Cenzer, Trudi Di Trolio, Carol Drum, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Ann Lindell, Tom Minton, Rob Roberts, Colleen Seale, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner, Carol Whitmer

Capitol Copy Pullout
  1. Refunds from Capitol Copy will be issued in Room 401B MSL.
  2. Official signs (with sign holders) explaining the procedures for individuals & departments are scheduled to arrive today.
  3. Card readers for departments - Carol has one in MSL, but there are no transformers. They are currently on order. Card readers in West, MSL & the Health Science Center are functional.
  4. Refunds will be issued on site for 30 days, after that, the cards can be mailed in & the refund will be sent through the mail. Refunds should be provided up to a year - definitely through the Fall term.
Switching Hubs
  1. Finally, a date for the switching hub installation: Tuesday, May 19 - morning time.
  2. This will require changes to be made to each work station. The gateway ports will be changed, as well as subnet masks.
  3. Liaisons will be informed on this today, so they can change the subnet masks.
  4. Education will require IP & subnet changes.
  5. Assuming this switch is successful, we will proceed with MSL the following week.
  6. The final step will be to configure the fiber for AFA & Music. This will prove to be more problematic.
  7. If the switch on May 19 is not successful, then everything else will be backed up.
  8. There will be pressure on the liaisons - various work stations will probably be down during the process.
  9. The top networking people at NERDC will, coincidentally, be out on the day of the switch.
  10. We want everyone to be switched before the Fall. Most of us should be on them by the beginning of June.
  11. The Library West classroom will be switched at a later date - it requires a special changeover.
  12. Smathers NT 3 & 4 servers will not be available when this changeover is taking place.
Xerox - Public Printing
  1. The Xerox engineer was not fully informed on the scope of the project.
  2. The implementation of public printing will be quite different from the way it was before. There used to be straight or cluster printing - now the printers will be networked individually & you will be able to talk to them over the network.
  3. If there is network difficulty, printing will be down.
  4. Xerox wanted to piggy back on our servers, but that will not happen. Instead, there will be 2 dedicated print servers, regionally located: 1 in MSL, 1 in West. They will be 2 full time servers, one ready to back the other up if it fails.
  5. Xerox says it will be 3-5 weeks before they are ready to go. They will have 1 full time person on site in Room 101A MSL. They should be able to handle any problem with any printer at any location.
  6. Paper & toner maintenance will be performed daily by Xerox. There is also a number to call for additional assistance.
  7. Will there be debit card access? Yes. It won’t be available until everything else is in place.
  1. The last order of Cows has arrived and already been distributed.
  2. There is no equipment currently on order.
  1. We are trying to expand the Outlook’97 licenses. We’ll try to instruct the liaisons on this process at today’s meeting.
  2. It will install on some work stations, but not on others.
  3. Distributing Outlook’97 across the board is a matter of upgrade vs. stability.
Gartner Group
  1. MSL has received 70 Gartner Group videos.
  2. 32 videos have been cataloged.
  3. They are nearly ready to be checked out.
  4. Multi-media CD’s will go up on the Intranet.
  5. There will be 2 sets of the multi-media CD’s on campus - 1 will be housed at MSL, the other at the Faculty Support Center.

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