MMM Minutes 5/21/98

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
May 21, 1998

Present: Rich Bennett, Tom Caswell, Pam Cenzer, Tom Cetwinski, Carolyn Henderson, Martha Hruska, Jim Liversidge, Tom Minton, Richard Phillips, Rob Roberts, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner, Carol Whitmer

CD ROM Server (Smathers)
  1. The Smathers CD ROM server went down sometime between noon & 6 PM on Tuesday, May 19. It is still down at this time.
  2. It went offline relative to campus: it can see out to campus, but people on campus cannot see it.
  3. It was functioning after the switch change.
  4. We are currently unsure as to what is causing the problem. It could be what is know as ‘sap overload’ - when there is an overload of outside devices coming into the server.
  5. NERDC is coming over this morning with a net sniffer to try to debug Smathers at the packet level.
  6. Could be subnet 54 router failure.
  7. It is not equipment failure as far as we can tell.
  8. A message will be sent out to all departments when it is up and running again.
  9. Is a sap overload fixable? It is adjustable. Could rectify with a bigger server or more memory.
  10. MSL & Reference are complaining they can’t print - will move their print queues over to a different server.
Systems LAN Administrator
  1. The System Department’s LAN Administrator, Destry Fudge, has tenured his resignation letter, effective May 18, 1998. With help from Library Personnel, we hope to have the position search closed by June 10-12.
  1. The switches were swapped out for routers in West & Education early Tuesday morning. The process went reasonably well.
  2. Will need to decide soon if we’ll switch MSL or East next Tuesday, pending the diagnosis of the CD ROM network.
  3. Liaisons did fairly well in switching subnets, gateways, etc.
  4. AFA & Music switch will be further down the road due to the fiber configuration in those buildings.
  1. Filtering is a way of taking the programs used to access email sites and cutting them off - or filtering them at the router level.
  2. Currently people have free email access through the web browsers, so the old strategy of taking email programs off the computer is no longer viable.
  3. Solutions to this could be to either surrender & let email access prevail everywhere, try using human monitoring & intervention, segregate the email access machines from the others (this hasn’t been working), or resort to a mechanical interference, such as filtering.
  4. An overall decision from the Libraries is needed to set some sort of uniform policy. There is some concern that keeping people from email access is a form of censorship. This topic is on the agenda for discussion at the next PSC Meeting on Wednesday.
  5. We need to reach a decision on the email matter soon - independently of the authentication dilemma. The authentication procedure will probably not be in place by the beginning of the fall term. There are problems with how the system that will be used, Xylan, functions. The technology is not there yet, which more then likely means 3-6 months.
  1. The Library has recently purchased a new crop of pagers - for Facilities & Systems.
  2. We don’t think this has anything to do with the satellite that has caused such mayhem with the nation’s pagers.
  3. We will not release the phone numbers for all of the System Department’s employees, but Bill’s has given his to the liaisons & the staff on the desks at night.
  4. His number is: 412-0191. It is a local call, and the pager is strictly numeric - so simply leave the number you’re calling from.
  1. Office’97 is out & available on the Smathers NT2 server.
  2. People are not changing over to Office ’97, some people still won’t switch off of RICE mail.
  3. There is a problem running Office’97 on machines with only 16M memory. We will be upgrading all staff work stations to 32M.
  4. We have another $1200 worth of memory incoming, and we will keep buying until everyone is upgraded.
  5. We want to encourage everyone to move forward with this conversion.
  6. Need to drop Microsoft Exchange and use Outlook instead. Don’t keep MSE, it will fight with Outlook. Convert - and stay converted!

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