MMM Minutes 6/18/98

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
June 18, 1998

Present: Rich Bennett, Suzanne Brown, Tom Cetwinski, Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, David Fuller, Barry Hartigan, John Ingram, Tom Minton, Jan Swanbeck,

Switch Installation
  1. The switch installation has taken on an accelerated pace - it will be better if we get the switches in place before the Xerox printing project gets underway.
  2. Installations are now scheduled for: Sunday, June 21 - MSL (subnet 10), Tuesday, June 23 - Smathers (subnets 54 & 223), and Thursday, June 25 - AFA/Music (joining subnet 10, leaving subnet 122).
  3. MSL has to precede AFA & Music.
  4. For MSL and Smathers, the required changes are just like they were for West: change the subnet mask to, and change the gateway IP to address 1 (in this case, for MSL; and for Smathers).
  5. For AFA and Music, the base addresses of the workstations will need to be changed immediately as well. Systems will give the AFA and Music their new IP addresses shortly.
  6. All of this is subject to change, pending other network developments, but we are trying to get the switching hubs in place prior to each area receiving the new Xerox public printing systems (installation of which begins next week). This will make the placement of the public printers less demanding, and also should better insulate everyone from the increased network load the printers generate.
  1. Xerox visited last week - went over details on how the printing project will work.
  2. Extension cords may have to be used until work orders are placed for the installation of electrical wall outlets where needed. Should not daisy-chain the extension cords.
  3. Xerox doesn't have all of the details on exactly how the printers will be configured. The software they are using is ITC commissioned. The good thing about that is that it is not made just for the Libraries, the bad thing is that it's not so easy to modify.
  4. Patrons will print at the individual work stations, give a name to the print job, then go to the "print release station" (a Gateway computer), which will contain a list of all jobs queued up to print. The patron will slide their card through the card reader, select their jobs then the release station computer will indicate the price. If they choose to proceed, the selected jobs will be released to the printers located nearby.
  5. These printers will print 24 pages per minute - a much higher print capacity then the previous printing set up.
  6. Each printer is an individual network device.
  7. Lines of patrons may develop when the printers get busy - need to insure there is space.
  8. The printers are relatively tall, will need to keep them on low level platforms so that vertically challenged patrons will not have difficulty accessing them.
  9. Maintenance will be provided by Xerox.
  10. There will be a critical, dedicated NT server which will be handled by us. It will more than likely be housed in the Systems department.
  11. Xerox will not have network administrators on campus. Immediate first aid for the server will be provided by Systems.
  12. The printers may slow down work stations located in the immediate vicinity, if this happens, Systems needs to be notified.
  13. Installation of the printers is scheduled for next week. They will start in Education, seeing how the project goes. AFA and Music should get started by the end of the week.
  14. The noise level of these printers really should not be above normal office levels.
Year-End Spending
  1. Spending is winding down, major orders have already been made.
  2. 40 Cows have been ordered - 12 with built-in zip drives. All have 32M.
  3. Six low-end Cows have been ordered as replacements for the 3270 terminals. Cost is only $1000 including the monitor. It is unknown if it will work with the Centurion Guard.
  4. Some laser printers were not ordered - Xerox will only use 4 of our printers - we will recycle our old ones to staff - somewhere in the next 4 weeks.
  5. There is the possibility that the 40 Cows will show up with Windows'98. We will not be converting to it right away - maybe in the future, only to get uniform. It doesn't have much of a performance advantage, but it is supposed to be more crash resistant.
  6. There is always the possibility of using Windows NT & skipping Win'98 altogether.
  7. Memory problems are almost all resolved. We've received 2 shipments, have ordered even more. There are still a few outstanding requests. Every staff work station should have a minimum of 32M. A few of the public stations will as well.

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