MMM Minutes 7/16/98

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
July 16, 1998

Present: Rich Bennett, Suzanne Brown, Tom Cetwinski, Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, Trudi Di Trolio, Carol Drum, David Fuller, Barry Hartigan, Tom Minton, Richard Phillips, Carla Summers, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner

Campus Networking
  1. Massive networking problems have been occurring this week. Two fiber cuts were reported in Jacksonville & Miami. It was more than likely along the north Florida-Georgia border. Both occurred within 24 hours of each other. Auxiliary links had to be shifted, which caused major congestion. It has been repaired as of this morning, although some places seem not quite up to speed yet.
  2. Interior campus - massive routing outages have occurred due to revisions shifting to the ATM CORE link. These problems are independent of the Internet turmoil.
  3. Hacker attacks - have been happening recently - some are from the outside but made to look like them come from inside UF. Others actually do originate on campus, often from the CIS building. Many times the building has to be cut off to isolate the problem. Such attacks could occur here in the libraries.
Walk-up Access
  1. There is a strong push out of Tigert Hall for the instigation of walk-up access for students. Need to have it in place by the Fall, but the process of authentication is very slow in developing. Walk-ups will have to exist without authentication, making the risk of cyber vandalism much greater.
  2. Tigert is allocating $10-$15,000 to get room 100 East set up as a walk-up site, to be ready by the fall. There will be no authentication, & NERDC may put it on it's own separate fiber.
  3. There will be about 50 walk-up work stations - the electrical & data wiring work needs to be done soon.
Library Networking
  1. Sign-ons to NT have been slow. Occurrences have been uneven. It is not clear if it is just a coincidence that it started to happen at the same time that public printing was initiated. The printing is on Novell, not NT, so there shouldn't be a connection.
  2. Printing is , however, creating an increase in total networking traffic. This heavy load may be causing some slowness. We're hoping not as that is hard to track down.
  3. We've discovered some misconfigured ethernet cards, but that doesn't help the slowness problem.
  4. Once people get into NT, the machine performs regularly. What should be a 15-20 second sign-on is now in the 3-5 minute range. It is mystifying.
POP 3 mail server
  1. There is currently a problem with the POP3 mail server. It is unknown if it has to do with the NERDC modem pool.
  2. We are reluctant to think it is something on our end since nothing has been changed.
  3. Non-MS clients are unable to access the server. Exchange & Outlook will work, so use them.
  4. We will eventually get around this problem by putting up a web interface.
  1. We are currently awaiting the last big shipment of Cows.
  2. 40 Cows from the last fiscal year's shipment are here, but not logged in yet.
  3. No large wiring projects in process right now - we're awaiting funding.
  1. Systems has two positions available: Destry Fudge's LAN Coordinator job & Leota's TeleCom Specialist (she is retiring in the middle of September).
  1. There was a meeting with the Mellon grant representative over the weekend. He is happy with the progress of the project and was encouraging us to do even more of it.

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