MMM Minutes 11/05/98

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
November 5, 1998

Present: Rich Bennett, Suzanne Brown, Gary Cornwell, Robena Cornwell, Frank Di Trolio, Carol Drum, John Ingram, Erich Kesse, Barry Hartigan, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner

  1. Systems has just hired Ashley Jones for the Network Coordinator position. He comes to us from Digital Design, with a background in wiring & Novell. He also had extensive electronic experience in the Air Force. He will attend classes for NT to get up to speed.
Outlook Conversion
  1. Some conversion progress has been made in certain areas of the Library.
  2. We need to urge folks to convert - Microsoft will soon be releasing Office 2000 (within 6-9 months) - and by that point Exchange would be, at best, only marginally functional.
Hardware Upgrades
  1. We currently have a large number of serviceable machines with minimal hard drives. The operating systems are not big enough, so we will performing hard drive upgrades.
  2. We will try to bring them up to 4-8 GIG each, depending on the market price.
  3. We'll leave the old hard drive in the machines - turn it into the D: drive, and make the new hard drive the C: drive.
  4. We won't be doing upgrades on the 75's, if at all possible. One GIG is sufficient for them. We are trying to phase the 75's out of both the public & staff areas.
  5. The question has been asked about whether there is a market for old Intel machines. Our old Macs have historically been given to PK Yonge. Newly discarded items may go to other school systems, CIRCA or Surplus Property. All details in this matter will be handled by Library Office.
  1. Conference in Atlanta a few weeks ago - Bill Covey & Suzy Shaw attended.
  2. The most outstanding feature was that everything was NT, no Macs or IBM's on the floor.
  3. There was also a Linux show going on. Linux is a clone of Unix, and it's freeware. It was originally designed in Scandinavia. Though once viewed as an utopian pipe dream, it suddenly has a lot of support.
  4. We may be using Linux here in the Libraries for a grant project. The Preservation web server has used Linux before.
CD Server Status
  1. An increasing number of work stations have been getting locked out of the Smathers CD ROM server.
  2. There will be more public machines going out in MSL, but we still should not be having this much pressure - should be at max, 180 sign-ons, our license provides for 250.
  3. Some of the problem could be outsiders signing on through the public signons. They could be just camping on in a just-in-case basis.
  4. The liaisons need to make sure that only the public work stations, not staff, are signing on through the Smathers server.
  5. Many of the slots on the server get hung - "not logged on" - these can be cleared out to make room for valid connections - just need to place a call to Systems. Use on the server seems to go up in the mid to late afternoon.
ASDL Experiment
  1. This experiment has been ongoing in Gainesville with about 20 - 40 participants. Bill was going to be a part of it, but was unable to because he did not live 18,000 feet from the switching office.
  2. The experiment uses copper phone lines & a cable modem - provides lots of bandwidth, downloading is faster, but it still takes a while to upload.
  3. One catch to the notion is that your local phone company has to have the equipment.
  4. Bill thinks they may still be looking for participants if anyone is interested.
  5. ISDN is currently the fastest access at home.

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