MMM Minutes 12/03/98

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
December 3, 1998

Present: Rich Bennett, Michelle Crump, Trudi Di Trolio, Carol Drum, David Fuller, David Hickey, Ashley Jones, Erich Kesse, Barry Hartigan, Tom Minton, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner, Marijka Willis

New Web Server
  1. We are currently beta testing the structure of new library web pages.
  2. We need to get off of NERVM. The Unix box, Caroline, is our immediate option, but it has Y2K problems- among other things.
  3. Micro web servers did not work, they had no horsepower or user/vendor support.
  4. We have decided to try NT as a new web server - Smathers NT8 - should be in your Network Neighborhood now.
  5. Handouts have been passed out which outline the current permissions on the server. These are simply duplicating the ones that currently exist, they can easily be expanded.
  6. It will be much easier to make changes to web pages now - simply drag-n-drop to a folder & the change will automatically be online.
  7. The main problem the University has with its web pages is keeping them up-to-date.
  8. We've started the beta testing, so we encourage everyone to start using Smathers NT8 now.
  9. We will have dual pointers set up to both the http://web and http://www URL's for quite awhile.
  10. The extensions will be htm, not html.
Current Purchasing Plans
  1. The holdup on the release of the FCLA money has been due to the sickness of one employee at FCLA.
  2. Money should be released soon, so we will start ordering again.
  3. We'll start off by ordering 12 generic work stations.
  4. We will no longer order in big clumps, as our storage area is limited due to shelving recently put in place behind the curtain area of the staff lounge.
  5. New work stations will come with Windows'98. This will start our transitional process to Windows'98 conversion.
  6. We were considering the move to NT, but have decided that '98 is more stable, smoother to upgrade and less complicated than NT.
  7. We will do a piecemeal upgrade of the staff machines to Windows'98.
  8. Public machines will be upgraded last - we suspect there could be problems with Xerox printing and Windows'98.
New Mail Server Status
  1. Smathers NT7 will become the new mail server.
  2. We will be migrating groups of mail to it this week.
  3. When we were first trying to bring it up, it refused to be added to the site while the other mail server was in service. After prolonged telephone correspondence with Microsoft, it was determined that a certain number within the parameters had to be removed: 666! Once the mark of the beast was removed, the server came up.
  4. The new mail server should be ready for action next week.
3270 Sessions
  1. There have been sporadic lock ups on 3270 sessions recently.
  2. NERDC is in the process of checking on this.
  3. It is a mainframe problem, not ours.

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