MMM Minutes 5/6/99

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
May 6, 1999

Present: Gary Cornwell, Michelle Crump, Carol Drum, Barry Hartigan, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Richard Phillips, Rob Roberts, Carol Turner
Laptop Checkout Restructuring
  1. Systems will be revamping the format for laptop circulation. We will be stripping down the hardware & software. We will require notification of the user's device requirements prior to checkout. These will allow us to maintain better control of items that tend show up missing when returning from circulation.
  2. We have ordered a new high-end, multi-media laptop to be used for presentation purposes.
User Authentication
  1. Recently, there has been a succession of email fraud emanating from Library public machines.
  2. One incident was not so serious - a 'love letter' was sent to a student with a falsified sender's name & header.
  3. There were two more serious incidents where someone posed as an instructor, contacted TA's and canceled exams.
  4. Once the word gets out about these successfully perpetrated frauds, repeated attempts are likely.
  5. The Libraries are soon to be the last place on campus providing anonymous access. A Network Advisory Committee meeting will be held on Monday - they may very well decide to do away with unauthorized computer access.
  6. The walkup work stations will soon be requiring GatorLink identification. A similar arrangement is probably forthcoming for our public machines.
  7. Even our staff stations may ultimately require a sign-on to log on first thing in the morning.
  8. We're wary that there may be a knee-jerk reaction to these incidents of fraud, which may instigate these types of authentication changes.
Creation of UF CIO Position
  1. A DDD memo was recently released announcing the appointment of Earl Robbins as the interim Chief Information Officer for UF.
  2. This appointment seems to indicate that Tigert is trying to gain more control over network access & computing.
  1. The CORE network has been shifted back to ATM. Structural problems seem to be under control, we're back on the main link.
  2. CISCO stabilized the switches and found a patch for the outside access problems.
  3. Much of the problem stemmed from an audio company that was streaming audio for MP3's and violating Internet protocol, causing major router congestion.
  4. There was yet another DOS attack last week. The attack originated from an on campus site, then they were retaliated against - causing much router congestion. These attacks will continue to happen - all we can do is find the source & shut it down.
  5. There are plans for a major update this weekend for the TCP-IP translator. This will effect NOTIS & the Dean's Menu (it's a main frame update). Will need to alert the staff working on Sunday that the system may not be up if problems occur during the update.
Internal Activity
  1. 45 new switches have been ordered for the Library network. These will replace the network connections for the whole Library complex. When the switches are in, we will swap out the hubs. When this is complete, everyone in the library will have a single outside line. Currently, we are all on shared access. This should greatly increase bandwidth and provide better continuity of access. The switches are active devices & will need IP addresses. We will need to change some current IP's if they are in the low- end range in preparation of the incoming switch requirements.
  2. Fiber in MSL - the fiber risers and changeover to new fiber is taking place this morning in MSL. The building is down at the moment. This should result in better electrical circulation between floors. Racks & fiber risers will be installed as well as enclosures to minimize noise. These projects will be continual over the summer with work scheduled for AFA & Music. These will be encumbered by the end of next month.
  3. 40 Cows will be arriving this week. 23 are destined for the West classroom. They will be replacing older models --the 75 & 100's. We will have one more major order of Cows this fiscal year. Gary notes that 5 or 6 machines in the classroom are new & can be reallocated. They want the classroom to have all the same model machines. We would like to have all of the 75 & 100 models out of here by the end of the calendar year.
  4. We are trying to increase Windows'98 installations. We will put it on all non-75& 100 model machines. All of the new Cows are equipped with Windows'98. Twelve Windows'98 conversion manuals have been received. So far there have been no complaints amongst those converted.
  5. Wireless System - part of it has been received, but the actual transceivers aren't in yet. When the complete system is in, we will try it out in the Special Collections stacks and MSL lab. If it works we will expand locations.
  6. Proxy servers are working well. Over 100 stations are using it. Most of the popular sites are now filtered at both the email & chat locations. We have set up a list of the filtered sites for the liaisons on the Liaison web page. It requires a password, is limited to liaisons only & will not work with Netscape.

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