MMM Minutes 5/20/99

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
May 20, 1999

Present: Rich Bennett, Suzanne Brown, Pam Cenzer, Gary Cornwell, Carol Drum, Trudi Di Trolio, Barry Hartigan, David Hickey, Dot Hope, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Tom Minton, Richard Phillips, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner
  1. On the morning of the last Network Advisory Committee, the campus had just experienced a network outage due to a hacker attack - this was the main topic of conversation, so user authentication took a back seat.
  2. The recent scenario of fraudulent email leading to final exam cancellation resulted in a policy whereby an exam cancellation will be posted on the class web page in addition to any email notification. If a student receives an email alerting them to an exam cancellation, they must check the class web page to verify authenticity.
  3. We seem to have escaped the topic of user authentication for the time being.
Network Scanning
  1. Inspector general auditing - concluded that they do not know enough about the results of the scans.
  2. We will have NERDC conduct the scans in the future and then report their findings to the auditor general.
  3. Some networks were disrupted during the auditor general scans. The Health Center had their radiology server wiped out.
  4. When to schedule the scans is in question: during off- hours is not really productive because it doesn't reflect most of the use. During peak hours, it can cause crashes at critical times. An appropriate scanning schedule will be worked out by network managers. Our system is fairly robust, we don't expect any harm from these scans.
  5. There will be increasing incidents of network scans, as the network has been experiencing a wide variety of attacks. 80% of the attacks on UF originate on our machines attacking an outside site, then retaliation. In most of these incidents, an outside source is using us as an intermediary.
Security Issues
  1. Reminder: change passwords often, use unusual - not common - words. We do our own internal scanning on NT passwords, expiring (without warning) those that don't meet the standard. We have greatly increased the length of time that the system will remember old (already used) passwords.
  2. We've run into some problems on nights & weekends when the network is disrupted. The COWS1 sign-on keeps getting locked out due to too many tries at signing on. We have cranked up the number of attempts permitted. We have also set a 10 minute time out - within 10 minutes (if left alone) it will unlock.
  3. We had a patron request last Friday to provide documentation that in MSL at 9 AM on May 11,1999 it was not possible to access the Internet. A log was pulled for documentation, if not sufficient - the patron can be referred to NERDC. However, we did note in the documentation that the patron could have started their project at an earlier date.
  1. Most of campus is back on ATM. The Criser router is not.
  2. Widespread ISDN is now being offered. Bill Covey has been using it at home, says it works well. It provides more bandwidth - it's worth trying if your current dial-up is not working.
  1. One more major order of Gateways is in the queue. The most recent order has already been distributed.
  2. Wireless System shipment - arrived woefully incomplete. It did not come as ordered, we are awaiting the corrected shipment.
  3. Windows'98 has been received. The liaisons are in the process of installing it on staff machines. Installation has been going smoothly.
Liaison Training
  1. A training session is in the works, to be conducted by an Orlando firm, 'New Horizons'. The topics that are to be covered are still under discussion - the training will probably take place in August. Data & money not yet settled.
  2. There will be identical sessions offered in the morning and afternoon, so everyone should be able to attend. All active liaisons will be required to attend.

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