MMM Minutes 6/17/99

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
June 17, 1999

Present: Rich Bennett, Suzanne Brown, Gary Cornwell, Carol Drum, Trudi Di Trolio, David Hickey, Dot Hope, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Erich Kesse, Ann Lindell, Tom Minton, Richard Phillips, Rob Roberts, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner
  1. Systems recently experienced the theft of two 17" Princeton monitors (in the crate) from the inside vault. The theft occurred between 8AM - when it was verified they were in the vault - and 4PM - when they discovered missing. It seems unlikely that they could have been carried out by hand. We had staff in the office at all times. The police think it had to be an inside job. It is a baffling, disturbing theft. We will alert liaisons to keep an eye on all equipment.
  2. As a result, new security policies have been implemented in the department. All visitors not using an Intellikey will be logged in & out of Systems. No exceptions.
  3. The combinations on the vault locks were changed immediately. Access to the new combination has been restricted. Library personnel needing to access anything in the vault will need to make an appointment or call ahead to assure there is someone in Systems who can open the vault.
  4. All items in the vaults will be extensively inventoried and frequently tracked.
  5. Staff in all departments should make it a habit to challenge people that you observe moving equipment - ex-employees, students, etc.
  6. Security cameras are an option, although they were not successful in the apprehension of a theft that occurred at MSL sometime ago.
  7. The room on the 4th floor of LAC that has been designated for surveyed equipment is now under Intellikey.
  8. The campus community, in general, wants better tracking of all equipment.
Office 2000
  1. The roll-out of Office 2000 has been successful. It has been one of the better product debuts.
  2. We want to get it here quickly - for the whole staff and other selected work stations.
  3. Should be able to order it some time this summer - after the fiscal year end.
  4. We'll be getting the full version - with FrontPage 2000, MS Publisher, MS PictureEditor, etc.
  5. The path of least resistance will be to install Windows'98 first, then Office 2000.
Fear of Y2K
  1. There was recently a mass campus meeting (inter-departmental) concerning the impeding doom known as Y2K.
  2. Campus-wide hysteria is at hand, more mainframe power and disk space has been purchased. A separate partition will be set up for Y2K testing in July.
  3. Some systems may work okay as standalone, but not interacting with other programs.
  4. The State Accounting and Purchasing systems do not want to be a part of the testing. They say they are not worried about potential problems. Whether they are doing their own testing is unknown.
  5. If we show at that we have attempted to fix our Y2K problems, the state will be off the hook & we will not be liable.
  6. It isn't possible to get all of the outside people to join in the testing - there isn't even enough room for everyone on campus.
  7. Even if we were to freeze our technology where its at during the test period (no software/hardware upgrades), it still isn't effective.
  8. The oddball leap year that is in February 2000 may prove to be worse than the dreaded Y2K problem.
  9. The weekend of New Years 2000, we may be required to have a skeletal crew in place.
  10. The Libraries have been spared from the mass testing, but we will do our own internal testing to cover our end. We'll run the tests as close to December as possible with time allowed to rectify any problems that we may find.
  11. All of the Library machines need to be upgraded to Windows'98 by the end of the year. Gary notes that the all of the machines in the classroom have been upgraded except those along the south wall.
Staff Announcements
  1. A new electronic coordinator has been hired in MSL. Michael Howell starts June 29.
  2. Ashley Jones is officially gone from the Systems Department. The available Network Coordinator position will be advertised soon.
Gartner Group Courses
  1. The online courses offered at the Gartner Group site (http// will no longer be available through the Gartner Group as of June 24.
  2. The courses will be Net G courses & should offer more up-to-date selections.
  3. We'll need to check & see if they offer an Office 2000 course.
  4. Net G is in a partnership with Microsoft, working with them as they develop a product.
  5. Net G will be available at what is now the Gartner site starting June24. Any Gartner course that is being used at that time will be lost.
  6. Net G will not be introducing any new media - everything will be offered online.
  7. We will eventually withdraw the Gartner Group videos currently available in the Libraries.

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