MMM Minutes 7/1/99

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
July 1, 1999

Present: Rich Bennett, Pam Cenzer, Gary Cornwell, Carol Drum, Trudi Di Trolio, David Hickey, Dot Hope, Martha Hruska, John Ingram, Richard Phillips, Carol Turner, Carl Van Ness
Liaison Training
  1. The Liaison Training program is scheduled for August 9 - 20.
  2. The three-day workshop will be held at the MSL conference room.
  3. It will be repeated for staff that are sick or have other obligations.
  4. There are 46 liaisons signed up for the conference at the moment.
  5. Notices will be sent out to all participants. We are currently waiting for the New Horizon syllabus & class schedules.
  6. Systems will deliver a presentation on security, etc.
  7. There will be pre- & post- testing, with certificates of completion issued at the end of the conference.
Work Station Replacement
  1. There's a new product available, "Corona", from the SUN company. They are touted as 'smart terminals'.
  2. They can talk to UNIX & NT servers and perform web & 3270 functions.
  3. The individual work stations are advertised as a "free" new product.
  4. Unlike microcomputers, these cannot be reconfigured. To reconfigure, changes must be made on the server.
  5. SUN will demo the Corona on campus in the near future.
  6. We'll get a server & try it out, see how well it does. Could be that it puts a significant load on the network.
  7. A network switch will be required. It will need a large port to talk to the central machine.
  8. We hope we'll need just one server. The advantage of UNIX is scaleable. Power can be added to the existing machine. We're not anticipating using Win NT as part of the server.
Conference Reports

A. Public Services Steering Committee
  1. PSSC - featured topic was how libraries are moving in the direction of electronic publishing.
  2. XML (Extended Markup Language) is the standard document format used for reading or searching online.
  3. JPG works well, with some loss of image.
  4. In the computer trade magazines, MS is supporting XML. It could replace HTML.
  1. CISCO conference - they outlined their plans for the direction of networking. CISCO was one of the first companies with reliable routing.
  2. XML conversions - all are a datastream of the same wire or optic fiber.
  3. Normal data traffic vs. voice traffic - it is predicted that only a small percentage of network business will be for voice traffic.
  4. New installations will provide both phone & computer jacks.
  5. The network methods & carriers will change.
  6. Because voice uses only 10 MB of bandwidth, there is plenty of leftover room in the wire.
  7. Voice is very sensitive to jitter - with data you don't really notice the stopping. It's very noticeable with audio & even more so in video.
  8. Networks need to perform at a certain "quality of service". The method in which packets arrive needs to be standardized.
  9. People are pushing for standards to be in real time audio & video.
  10. With the recommended computer industry standard of replacing a PC every 18 months, we'll be lucky if a network design standard would endure for two years.
  1. Interesting topics included presentations on how information is proffered: - Net Library.
  2. Electronic books - same as a regular book online. Patrons check-in and check-out the electronic version.
  3. The System of Ohio has spent an enormous amount of money, buying all of the Elsevier journals and supporting them locally with citation databases. They load locally, but programming is still necessary to link with Elsevier.
  4. Links only bring the patrons to the front door of Elsevier, they still have to search for the actual article.
  5. Elsevier is actually an archaic. All of the journals existed before electronic academic press.
MVPMAT Proposal
  1. The Library funding formula for materials - will be changed to benefit UF/FSU.
  2. This approved proposal will go to the Board of Regents to be presented to the Legislature.
  3. There is also a proposal for a new library system - more information is needed, funding to be presented as an amendment - $8 million in a one-year clump, not distributed over time.
  4. The information is needed by the fall to be considered.
  1. New policy for travel funding for visiting librarians will go out today.
  2. Funding will go to each individual department. Barbara Oliver will go over the policy at LMG.

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