MMM Minutes 10/7/99

Minutes of Smathers
Middle Manager's Meeting
October 7, 1999

Present: Rich Bennett, Robena Cornwell, Michelle Crump, Carol Drum, Barry Hartigan, David Hickey, Martha Hruska, Cathy Mook, Richard Phillips, Betsy Simpson, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner, Carl Van Ness
Squid Server (Proxy)
  1. This morning, public workstations with web browsers configured to be routed through the proxy server in Systems (the Squid server) were unable to connect.
  2. Problem was fixed by approximately 8:15 AM. This problem seems to occur whenever the NERDC Internet routers have trouble.
  3. The NERDC routers were dropping packets, resulting in excessive numbers of repeat hits - over 62 million. The Squid server was overloaded, hit its peak, then died. We had to "untangle" it & bring it back up.
  4. The Squid server currently runs on a desktop type modem. It is possible to upgrade it, but the problem may continue.
FCLA Funds
  1. FCLA funding is still not finalized.
Surveyed Equipment
  1. A batch of surveyed equipment went out yesterday. There is now space for more in our storage room.
  2. There were people waiting at the loading dock for our cast-offs.
3270 Terminals
  1. 3270 terminals will be disappearing in December. There are Y2K problems with the 3270's, there's only one possible upgrade and it's not worth the cost.
  2. People seem to be ignoring the fact that it's going to happen. Most of the anxiety seems to be over back-up capabilities when the network goes down.
  3. December is a good time to remove the terminals because of the class break.
  4. During the recent Hurricane Floyd shutdown, the only equipment that did not come back up was the Control Units for the 3270 terminals. The power supply in the control unit was blown. The technology in those things is circa the 1960's.
  5. The expense, space requirements, contract negotiation and lack of trained maintenance is more than enough reason alone to eliminate the terminals.
  6. Some staff have been inquiring if there is really a Y2K problem with the terminals, or can we just leave them in place until they die. Why wait until they die and then panic?
  7. Is the equipment to replace the terminals actually available? We'll need an inventory on the number of terminals that need to be replaced. At the moment, many of the 3270's are being used as backup, sitting along side of a PC used for the same purpose.
  8. There is concern with backup alternatives in Circulation - in discharging books. FCLA says that the challenges are controllable at their level. Any foreseeable problems need to be addressed to the people who can fix them.
  9. If there is concern with the Internet access, the PC's can be disabled to the point of dumb terminal status.
  10. FCLA funding will be used for the replacement equipment. Most of the terminals are located in the public service areas, but we will ask the liaisons to survey their areas for any terminals use.
Office 2000
  1. Installation is proving difficult. Yesterday we finally got it working satisfactorily.
  2. We'll instruct the liaisons to proceed slowly with Office 2000 installation.
  3. This version of Office installs just the core, then each program installs the first time you use it. If you don't use a program, it doesn't install it - thus, taking up less space. Once the program is installed, it works fast from there on out.
  4. The menu operates a bit differently, Office shortens it & has a drop-down at the bottom. It actually adapts to the way you most frequently use it. The overall function of Office is the same.
  5. There are some staff that are still operating on ancient stuff - Win'95 & Exchange. They will experience difficulty with upgrading to Office 2000.
  6. Systems is still upgrading HD's on a number of machines. Obviously, Office 2000 cannot be installed without the HD upgrade. Just keep the requests coming in for HD upgrades.

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