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Resource Checkout on Outlook

      All library resources available for checkout, including laptops, may now be reserved online using Outlook. They are listed in the Global Address Book and have names beginning with the word "Resource." Be sure to double-click the name and then select "Phone and Notes" to list detailed information about the resource and its capabilities, including any restrictions on its use. For best results, reserve the resource at least one day in advance.

To check on availability:

    Open the "File" menu and select "Open..." then select "Other user's Folder..."

    In the dialog box that appears, in the drop down box, select "Calendar", click "Name" and select the resource. The resource's calendar then appears and you can see when it is free.  (NOTE: In the future, any calendar that you have previously opened will appear as choices on the "File/Open" menu as an automatic shortcut.)

DO NOT attempt to reserve the laptop by making an appointment on its calendar. Use the meeting invitation procedure.

To reserve a resource for checkout:

Use the standard "Meeting Request" form (click the arrow beside the "New" button), and invite the appropriate resource as a "Resource". If the resource is available, you will receive an email confirmation when scheduling is complete.  (See Details)  

Alternatively, you may send a message to Sys Help asking to have the resource scheduled. DO NOT send a standard email to the resource's mailbox. These are not regularly monitored, and your request may go unnoticed.

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