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About the UF VPN

The UF VPN Service is designed to allow University Faculty, Staff, and Students to securely "tunnel" into campus over other networks, such as their home internet connection, and access services as if they were on campus. It is ideal for using the UF Libraries resources from off-campus. If you are reading journal articles and searching library databases from home you'll want to install the VPN.

VPN News

01/5/2011: A new generation of SSL based clients has been released. These clients should provide more reliable service in a wide variety of network and operating system environments. All current VPN users, especially users of L2TP based clients, are encouraged to move to the new SSL based VPN client. You may get started by browsing to and following the instructions posted on that site. You are encouraged to remove any old VPN software you may have installed on your computer.

Install & configure the VPN

  1. Make sure you have a Gatorlink account.
  2. Install VPN software and/or configure your computer's operating system.
  3. Call 352-392-HELP for technical assistance.

VPN app for the Apple iPhone

You can also use your iPhone to access library resources.

  1. Get the VPN app
  2. Configuration instructions

Using the VPN & library resources

  1. Log in to the UF VPN Service
  2. Go to the UF Libraries home page and use all libraries resources (including databases and online journals) as if you were on campus

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