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GatorLink Account

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14-digit Library Number
(Located under the barcode on your Gator-1 card.)

Library Proxy Information

Many of the libraries' online services, journal subscriptions, and databases are restricted to UF students, faculty, and staff. When using these services and products from off-campus, you must authenticate your UF status before being allowed access.

If you are logged in through the university's virtual private network (VPN) or through the Gatorlink Dial-up service, you  are already authenticated as a UF user. You do not need to login through this page.

If you are connecting to our website or services through a non-UF internet provider (such as Cox Cable, Bell South, or America Online) and are not logged in through the VPN you may login through the library proxy to authenticate your UF status.

To login through the library proxy:

To remain connected to the proxy, click only links that appear on the web pages you visit while logged in.

  • You may use your browser BACK button and other browser functions to re-display pages visited since you logged in.
  • Favorites or bookmarks saved since you logged in through the proxy will not work once you have logged out of the proxy.
  • The proxy URL should appear embedded in the address of any page visited while logged in.

You may lose your proxy connection if you:

  • Use the browser HOME button
  • Use any favorites/bookmarks you have saved prior to logging in.
  • Type a URL address into the browser address bar to open a new page

If you lose your connection, you must either use your browser BACK function to return to a page from your session, or go to the UF Libraries' Home Page and log on again.

University of Florida Home Page