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GatorLink Account

-- Or --

14-digit Library Number
(Located under the barcode on your Gator-1 card.)

Library Proxy Login

Do not log in if:

To log in:

To remain connected:

  • Click only links that appear on the web pages you visit while logged in.
  • You may use your browser BACK button and other browser functions to re-display pages visited since you logged in.
  • Favorites or bookmarks saved since you logged in through the proxy will not work once you have logged out of the proxy.
  • The proxy URL should appear embedded in the address of any page visited while logged in.

You may lose your proxy connection if you:

  • Use the browser HOME button
  • Use any favorites/bookmarks you have saved prior to logging in.
  • Type a URL address into the browser address bar to open a new page

If you lose your connection, you must either use your browser BACK function to return to a page from your session, or go to the library home page and log on again.

University of Florida Home Page