Plagiarism Guide

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UF Honor Code (Students)


A student shall not represent as the student's own work all or any portion of the work of another. Plagiarism includes (but is not limited to):


Any plagiarism offense violates the UF Honor Code that all students and faculty have agreed to follow. If caught, you will be subject to punishment according to the standard judicial procedures.

It is your responsibility to understand and follow the Honor Code - ignorance is not an excuse! If you have questions, any instructor or librarian will be happy to talk with you further about the Honor Code and plagiarism.


Other than just feeling extremely guilty for not living up to your full potential, your professor-depending on the severity- can take the following steps:


It is quite easy for professors to tell if you plagiarize! UF offers professors access to a program called Turnitin. A professor uploads the paper into the program and then receives a report identifying passages that may be plagiarized. Here is an example of an Turnitin "originality report"