Plagiarism Guide

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Student Introduction

Louis Bloomfield, a physics professor at the University of Virginia always assigned a term paper in his introductory physics class. In early 2001, after hearing rumors of cheating, Dr. Bloomfield designed a computer program to detect plagiarism in the papers that had been written over the past five semesters. As a result, he initiated 158 cases against students, with 122 being formally accused of plagiarism. At the conclusion of the honor trials, 48 of those students were either dismissed from school (including 3 graduate degrees revoked) or left the university after admitting guilt. (See References 1 & 2)

Donít let this happen to you! Welcome to the UF Librariesí Plagiarism Tutorial.

It will help you get informed and learn how easy it is to avoid plagiarism. Work through the 3 modules and don't forget to check out the Tips for Paraphrasing at the end!

Good luck and GO GATORS!