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Marston Science Library Renovation Update

Starting June 18th , the 2nd floor of the Marston Science Library will be inaccessible to the public through June 28th (that could be extended if things don’t go as scheduled). When you walk in the building, there will be a path to the elevators/stairs. A student assistant will be just inside the lobby to direct visitors. Please note the following changes to services:

Marston Science Library Renovation

The 2nd floor of the Marston Science Library will be undergoing extensive renovation during Summer 2009. When completed the library will have a brand new service desk and 5 study rooms that will be available for check out. The floor will also be brightened by new carpeting and a fresh paint job.

We've set up a webpage where you can follow the renovation process: Marston renovation.

GatorScholar: UF’s new research search engine

GatorScholar is a new UF search engine (currently still in beta) which provides a central location where faculty and department information for 34 science departments, course information, research interests, publications, grants, links to university web pages, and full-text articles can be displayed to the UF community, the public, and to potential students.

Eventually we plan to expand beyond the science community and include data from the health sciences, social sciences, art and humanities, and, potentially, law. We envision a future interface with easy editing capabilities for faculty and the ability to output data necessary for tenure and promotion reporting. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for improving GatorScholar, please email Valrie Davis (

Attention, experienced SciFinder users! We're migrating soon to the Web.

Sometime during the Spring 2009 semester, the state university libraries in Florida will begin migrating access to SciFinder Scholar from the familiar client-based product to a new web version. Please watch the SciFinder page for further details on the timing. To see what the new web version will look like, check the training links on the Web Version of SciFinder - Support & Training page.


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