Finding Articles Tutorial

Why are journal articles important?

Journal articles provide very detailed information on a specific subject, whereas a book provides a larger amount of information on a more general subject. Compare the following book and article about turfgrass insects to see how journal articles & books differ.

Evaluation of Buffalograss Germplasm for Resistance to Blissus occiduus (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae)
The article describes specific information about the resistance of different varieties of buffalograss (one type of turfgrass) to Blissus occiduus (a specific turfgrass pest).

Cover of Turfgrass insects of the United States and Canada
The book contains a broad overview of turfgrass pests. It covers detection and diagnosis of insect infestation, survey techniques, and principles of strategy and control for all turfgrass pests in the continental United States, Hawaii, and southern Canada.