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New Titles in the Library Catalog

   Records added to the Library Catalog within the past 90 days

New Titles Links

General Tips About Displaying New Titles in the Library Catalog
  • It is very easy to display only the newest records that have been added to the Library Catalog. If a search you enter has retrieved any records that represent titles that have been added in the past 90 days, there will be a clickable   Limit by: New Titles   link shown underneath the search box. Simply click to display the records.
New Titles Link
  • In addition to being able to easily display new titles in the Library Catalog at any time, you may also set up one or more personalized RSS feeds if you would like to be automatically notified about any new records of specific interest (or in a particular UF Library) that have been added to the Library Catalog. Just copy/paste the link under the RSS Feed for this Search button you see on any Library Catalog Results List into your RSS Reader. [See links to some RSS readers.]
See more tips below...

Tips About Using This New Titles Page
  • Once you connect to the Library Catalog using a link on this page, If you ever click "Start Over" within the Library Catalog, you will then be searching the entire Library Catalog.
  • You may right-click any link on this page to open your "New Titles" session in a new browser tab or window. Then this page will remain available if you want to consult the search tips below or if you want to start over by using a link on this page.
Other New Titles Search and Navigation Tips
  • If a list of records retrieved is long, you may narrow your search to see fewer results in a number of ways. For example...
    1. Instead of selecting "All New Titles", start by displaying a list of titles in a specific library; these enable shorter initial lists that may be focused on topics of the most interest.
    2. You may simply "drill-down" to records of interest at any time using the clickable facet links on the left of any results screens. NOTE: This may work better after you have narrowed the initial list in some other way. All possible facets will not appear on very long lists of retrieved records.
    3. When you choose to start by linking to a list of New Titles in a specific library in the left column, you may enter one or more search terms in the search boxes (e.g. author's last name, key subject/topic word(s), etc.) That will first retrieve all of the records in that library collection containing your search terms. To see just the "New Titles", you must then click "New Titles" under the search box.
  • Use the browser BACK button if you want to try something else. 
  • At any time the list of retrieved records may be sorted  (e.g. by author, title, or call number).
  • As with any Library Catalog search results, you may check any records and click VIEW MARKED RECORDS to email or print them -- or export them to RefWorks.

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