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UF Libraries' New Titles Lists (in the Previous Library Catalog) - More Information and Tips

A new Library Catalog system was introduced in August 2007; it includes improved options for displaying recently-added titles (including the ability to set up a personalized RSS feed). See "New Titles" Options in the New Library Catalog

The New Titles function options used in the Previous Library Catalog remain available below; it will continue to include all new items, In fact, the newest items will appear in that system first since new records in the New Library Catalog are only added twice weekly at this time.

A special search of the Library Catalog allows displaying lists of new books and other materials added to the UF Library Catalog during the past 90 days.
  • Records retrieved will generally be listed with the most recently added shown first.
  • You may click at the top of the Results List to re-sort the list in order by author, title, or call number if desired (and if the list is not greater than 2,000 records). 
The New Titles lists will be displayed in this lower frame. The upper frame allows for easily navigating to display a new list using any of the available approaches.

An option to "Open in a New Window" is also available if you prefer that approach. TIP: It has been observed that occasionally search results do not display without first reloading the browser page. You may find it easier to do this in a non-framed environment.

You may list New Titles in several ways:
  • Quick Check Open in a New Window
    Just click to see a list of all new items in a particular UF Library collection.   

  • More Options -- (Customize your list)  |  Open in a New Window  
    • You choose what to list by entering any author, title, subject, etc. Keyword(s).
    • You may then select one or more of the limits in the lower part of the screen (Library Location, Material Format (e.g. book or video), Language, and Date Record Added to the Library Catalog).
    • NOTE: The initial search results screen shows a number to the right of the search entry form; click the number to see the records.
    • If you enter Keyword(s) only without choosing any of the limits, records of new titles from all UF Libraries will be retrieved.
    • Once connected, you may also click BASIC SEARCH if you wish to enter a Browse search using call number, title, author, etc. NOTE: Searches entered there will retrieve new titles in all campus libraries; it is not possible to limit by LOCATION, etc. on the BASIC SEARCH screen.
Processing Search Results: After you have completed any re-sorting of the Results List and online viewing, you may also use standard Library Catalog procedures to download or email a list of New Titles. See instructions.

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