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Smathers Libraries Career Development Handbook

II. C. 2. Second Criterion: Professional Development and Scholarship.
Standard: Candidate must attain distinction in either the second or the third criterion. If distinction is attained in the third criterion, then performance in this second criterion must be strong although it need not necessarily achieve distinction.
The Tenure and Promotion Committee will look for documented evidence of commitment to and accomplishment in research librarianship. Important considerations include documented activities demonstrating that the nominee has developed a broad understanding of the field, acquired expertise in the field, and demonstrated intellectual development and contributions beyond those called forth by routine daily assignments. Professional development and scholarship in a subject area will be considered if relevant to the librarian’s assignment. The Tenure and Promotion Committee will use the documentation to evaluate the nominee’s potential to continue to be a creative and contributing member of the University community.
Examples illustrating the two areas covered by the second criterion are as follows:

  1. Scholarly Achievement
    • Contributes to scholarship in the field. Special consideration will be given to scholarly monographs and refereed journal articles. Consideration will also be given to published conference proceedings and respected non-refereed journals
    • Works as an editor or reviewer of scholarly publications
    • Demonstrates external recognition by being accepted to present papers, demonstrations, poster sessions and exhibits at professional meetings, symposia, workshops, or conferences
    • Participates in professional conferences at the state, regional, or national level as a session moderator, panelist, conference organizer or program planner
    • Develops library documents, instructional aids, presentations and other works reflecting broad value and creativity
    • Completes a university-accredited degree program in a subject field appropriate to assigned responsibilities
    • Develops original uses of techniques or technologies to support the mission of the libraries and the University


  1. Grants and Other Funding
    • Submits proposals for internal and external funding from either public or private sector sources
    • Invited to participate as investigator in collaborative grant activities
    • Participates in the collaborative effort to fulfill requirements of a grant
    • Assists  a professional organization develop a grant for funding bibliographical or other projects
    • Contributes to the field of librarianship through activities pursued through a professional development leave awarded by UF or through fellowships, internships, or study leaves granted by national or professional associations



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