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Smathers Libraries Career Development Handbook

II. H.2  Librarian Emeritus Status Guidelines

Library faculty members are eligible for the title “Emeritus” in their faculty rank when they retire and leave pay status. Therefore, faculty in DROP and Phased Retirement are eligible for Emeritus status only after completion of these programs. The title is awarded for distinguished, meritorious service and includes campus courtesies such as

  • parking decals (at no cost)
  • use of the library and recreation facilities
  • receipt of such publications as are sent to regular faculty members and members of the Alumni Association
  • participation in contract and grant endeavors
  • participation in academic convocations
  • Gatorlink accounts
An individual who retires becomes eligible for the title, and the chair should submit the individual’s name to the library faculty for a departmental vote. A favorable nomination is submitted through the appropriate administrative channels to the Office of Academic Affairs for final action. Emeritus status is granted by the President of the University upon the recommendation of the Dean of University Libraries. (Adapted from the Faculty Handbook, University of Florida, Fall 1993, p. 4-12)
  • Upon written notification of a faculty member’s retirement, the Department Chair may initiate procedures for awarding emeritus status
  • Thirty days prior to the retirement date, the Department Chair convenes a meeting of the library faculty and calls for a vote by secret ballot
  • A favorable vote along with a letter of support for librarian emeritus status should be submitted to the appropriate division director

Sample Letter

Dear [Division Director],

It is my pleasure to write a letter of support for [name] to be granted Librarian Emeritus. [Name] will retire from the Libraries on [date]. At a recent [library name] Department meeting, Librarian Emeritus status for [name] was discussed and a vote by secret ballot was taken by the library faculty. I am pleased to report that she/he received unanimous support for this conferment to Librarian Emeritus.

[Name] began her/his appointment as a librarian at the University of Florida in 19??. She/He worked at the Library over a period of nearly [x]years. During that time she/he was primarily responsible for:

[Name]’s professional development activities lead to the publication of:

[Name]’s last project and her/his legacy to the Libraries, was:

It seems especially fitting to honor [name]'s lifetime achievements with this new title which would, as you know, allow her/him to receive continued campus courtesies including campus parking, use of the library and recreation facilities, receipt of university publications and participation in grant and contract endeavors and academic convocations.



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