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Smathers Libraries Career Development Handbook

IV. A. 4. ii. Annual Assignment Example

Annual Assignment 2009-10

Position Title:  Head of Serials Acquisitions Unit

Rank:  Assistant Librarian

Department:  Resource Services

Brief Summary of Job Description:

The Head of the Serials Acquisitions Unit will be responsible for the management of all serials acquisitions functions and the acquisition of library electronic resources. As such, the individual supervises and evaluates the activities of the Serials Acquisitions unit. The unit includes 7.5 support staff that acquire, claim, check-in, binding, and fiscally manage serials in all formats. Serves as the electronic acquisitions expert for licensing, ordering, receiving, housing, and coordinating access that further integrates electronic serials into the collections.  Also monitors and analyzes vendor performance, prepares budget reports. Coordinates and implements projects associated with the Humanities and Social Sciences Periodicals Room.

Areas of Specialization:
  1. Management of serials acquisitions functions and workloads.
  2. Management of orders and license agreements for electronic resources.
  3. Monitor serials vendor relationships and perform service analysis.

I. Performance of professional responsibilities

  1. Responsible for supervision and operation of the Serials Acquisitions Unit.  Plan and set goals; monitor and evaluate workflow for quality and quantity of production.

    Goal 2009-10:

    Analyze check-in workflow and implement refined procedures by [date].

  2. Responsible for management of electronic resources acquisitions, licenses, coordinating access to electronic resources once acquired with Electronic Access Services Coordinator and staff in Serials Cataloging, Preservation, Collection Management, Administration, and Public Services. Provide support for management of established licenses and contracts, license compliance, and record keeping for digital information.

    Goal 2009-10:

    Assess current communication process for establishing electronic resource access and develop plan for improving the access implementation by [date].

  3. Responsible for ensuring quality control in acquisitions by monitoring serial vendor services.  Perform vendor evaluations and facilitate negotiations of vendor services.

    Goal 2009-10:

    Evaluate serials vendor services for SwetsBlackwell and EBSCO and make recommendations by [date] for possible consolidation.

  4. Contributes to the development of departmental and library goals, policies, procedures, and priorities.  Work with a variety of groups and various assignments, and draft suggestions or responses to improve access to materials.

    Goals 2009-10:

    1. Develop workflow plan for establishing publication patterns in Aleph system for predictive check-in by [date].
    2. Work with Access Services and Humanities and Social Science staff to develop a plan that will expand the hours of staff coverage on the HSS Periodicals Room information desk.

II. Professional Development and Scholarship

  1. Seminars, workshops, conferences attended. Participate in and contribute to acquisitions programs and standards on national level.

    Goals 2009-10:

    a. Attend Midwinter and Annual ALA Conferences to fulfill responsibilities on AS committees.
    b. Attend Charleston Conference and lead discussion at Lively Lunch.

  2. Publications and other creative efforts. Participate in and contribute to acquisitions standards on national level through research.

    Goals 2009-10:

    Publish “Serials Check-in Refined” in v.8, 2009 of Advances in Serials Management.

III. Professional Service Activities

  1. Library and University Committees. Contribute to University Libraries and the University through active participation on library, university and consultative groups as appropriate.

    Goals 2009-10:

    a.  Chair the Serials Operational Committee to standardize serials management throughout the system.
    b.  Serve as Senator on the Faculty Senate representing the Library; within one week of the sessions, communicate Senate actions to Library staff.

  2. Involvement with professional organs (offices held, programs planned). Contribute to the University Libraries, the University and the profession through active participation in activities such as committee work and service in professional organizations.

    Goals 2009-10:

    a. Fulfill responsibilities as member on the ALCTS Acquisitions Section Publication Committee.
    b. Serve on the ALCTS Business of Acquisitions Committee to plan and participate in the Business of Acquisitions Institute in Toronto, June 2009.

  3. Instruction, presentations, demonstrations, speeches. Contribute to the University Libraries, the University and the profession through designing, planning, and producing results of research project findings.

    Goals 2009-10:

    a. Present paper on vendor evaluation process at ALA Annual Conference 2009.
    b. Lead discussion on electronic journal pricing at Charleston Conference “Lively Lunch”, 2009.

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