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Smathers Libraries Faculty Handbook

II. B. Tenure and Promotion Timelines

Determination of Tenure Year

Tenure earning faculty members shall either be recommended for tenure or given notice of non-renewal from the tenure earning position by the end of the seventh year of continuous full-time or equivalent part-time academic service. A faculty member may request earlier consideration with the concurrence of the appropriate administrator. Some circumstances (e.g. childbirth) allow for the possibility of an extension; see UFF Collective Bargaining Agreement Article 19 for details. (19.4 -- Extension of the Probationary Period for Tenure).  

A 12-month faculty member should have been employed by November 7 for the first academic year of employment or transfer to a tenure earning position to count as one year of eligibility. To determine the mandatory review year and packet submission year, see the table below.


Start Date Between
Mandatory Review Year
Packet Submission Year
Nov 8th 2007 - Nov 7th 2008
Fall 2014
Nov 8th 2008 - Nov 7th 2009
Fall 2015
Nov 8th 2009 - Nov 7th 2010
Fall 2016
Nov 8th 2010 - Nov 7th 2011
Fall 2017
Nov 8th 2011- Nov 7th 2012
Fall 2018
Nov 8th 2012 - Nov 7th 2013
Fall 2019
Nov 8th 2014 - Nov 7th 2015 2021
Fall 2020
Nov 8th 2015 - Nov 7th 2016 2022
Fall 2021

Tenure and Promotion Calendar

Pre-planning, including setting internal deadlines and discussing referees, begins for librarians anticipating going up for tenure and/or promotion.
Dean of University Libraries and Library Faculty Assembly establish the membership of the Tenure and Promotion Committee (terms begin October 1).

Nominees and Chairs attend workshop by Academic Affairs on how to prepare packet.
Human Resources Office sends the Deans and Chairs a list of tenure-accruing librarians with their tenure eligibility dates.
Human Resources Office sends all librarians a link to the current version of the University Guidelines on the Tenure and Promotion Process.

Department Chair solicits letters of recommendation for nominee.

Nominee finalizes packet for review by Department Chair/Supervisor for completeness and accuracy.
Department Chair confirms with the LHRO the voting eligibility of all tenure home members who may vote for tenure and/or promotion.

By September 15th
Nominee submits completed packet online for LHRO review and electronic copy of additional materials for internal review only, to LHRO.
HR reviews packet online.

By September 20th

Nominee certifies packet online [from this point forward any changes/corrections will be added to section 33]

Department Chair convenes eligible faculty, conducts tenure home vote and records result.
Department Chair produces a transmittal letter and provides a copy for the nominee’s review.  The nominee may prepare a response to the transmittal letter for inclusion in the packet.

October 15th
Dean of University Libraries meets with the Tenure and Promotion Committee to give guidance and answer questions.
Tenure and Promotion Committee Chair notifies Human Resources Office of the meeting schedule and the plan for review.

Tenure and Promotion Committee meets to review the nominations and summarize nominees' strengths and weaknesses for the Dean of University Libraries.

By December 1
Tenure and Promotion Committee Chair submits the committee’s assessments to the Dean of University Libraries.
The Deans, including Associate Dean for the Legal Information Center meet to review the nominations.

Early January
Tenure and/or promotion packets are due in the Office of Academic Affairs.
The Dean of University Libraries produces a transmittal letter letting the nominee know of recommendation or non-recommendation. The nominee may prepare a response to the transmittal letter for inclusion in the packet.

Promotion nominees receive notification regarding the final decision on promotions by the President of the University and the President’s recommendation regarding tenure.
Tenure nominees receive notification regarding the final decisions on tenure by the Board of Trustees.

July 1 or Later
Tenure is effective.
Promotion is effective.
Associated pay increases go into effect on or after this date, as determined by the University




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