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George A. Smathers Libraries: Community Service Program

I. Policy:

The University Libraries support and participate in the Community Service Program. Through this program the Libraries are assigned "volunteer" workers who have elected to perform community service as part of their sentence for an infraction of established rules and regulations. Community Service Volunteers come to the Libraries as a result of a ruling from the Student Judicial Affairs Office of the University of Florida or the Alachua County Department of Court Services. According to University policy, the libraries only accept Community Service Volunteers who are current students of the University of Florida.

II. Date: February 1, 1997

III. Referenced Documents:

  1. Community Service Volunteer Request Form
  2. Educational Sanction Activity Sheet (UF)
  3. Acknowledgment of Obligations and Duties
  4. Time Sheet
  5. Certificate of Compliance
  6. Worksite Application
  7. Memorandum of Understanding
  8. Community Service Signature Card
III. Procedure:

The Library Personnel Office coordinates the Community Service Volunteer Program for the University Libraries.

  1. A. Upon sentencing by the Student Judicial Affairs Office, the Community Service Volunteer reports to the Library Personnel Office with an Educational Sanction Activity Sheet.
    1. 1. The Community Service Volunteer presents the Educational Sanction Activity Sheet to the employing Supervisor assigned by the Library Personnel Office. The Supervisor files it until the assignment is completed. Hours of service are entered each day worked and initialed by the Supervisor.
    2. 2. At the completion of assigned hours, the Supervisor signs the Educational Sanction Activity Sheet. The Community Service Volunteer returns the form to the Student Judicial Affairs Office; the supervisor sends a copy to the Library Personnel Office. The total number of hours actually worked and the date completed are recorded in a log by the Library Personnel Office.
  2. Community Service Volunteers from the Alachua County Department of Court Services report with a Time Sheet, a Certificate of Compliance and an Acknowledgment of Obligation and Duties which are reviewed by Library Personnel Office staff.
    1. The Community Service Volunteer presents the four documents to the supervisor assigned by the Library Personnel Office.
      1. Actual hours worked are recorded on the Time Sheet and initialed by the supervisor each day. At the completion of assigned hours the Time Sheet is signed by the Community Service Volunteer, the supervisor and the Library Personnel Office's Community Service Coordinator.
      2. At the completion of assigned hours, the supervisor signs the Certificate of Compliance indicating that the terms as outlined in the Acknowledgment of Obligations and Duties have been successfully met.
    2. The assigned supervisor forwards copies of all completed paperwork to the Libraries' Community Service Volunteer Coordinator in the Library Personnel Office in order to close the entry thus indicating completion of duties in the Community Service Volunteer log.
    3. In order for the George A. Smathers Libraries to remain an active worksite, the Library Personnel Office provides the Alachua County Department of Criminal Justice Services a completed paperwork annually.
      1. A Worksite Application acknowledging our willingness to participate in the program.
      2. A Memorandum of Understanding outlining responsibilities.
      3. A Community Services Signature Card with the names and signatures of library supervisors authorized to sign appropriate documentation.
  3. The Library Personnel Office maintains a log of Library Departments who agree to employ Community Service Volunteers.
    1. Each July the Library Personnel Office sends out a form to Department Heads, requesting that they indicate the number of hours they are willing to employ Community Service Volunteers and the number of volunteers working at the present time.
      1. The Department Chair indicates any limits on the number of hours a Community Service Volunteer can work (i.e. no less than 5 hours, or no more than 20 hours, etc.). In addition, the Department indicates if there are charges that would prevent community service hours (i.e. petty theft).
      2. The Department Chair should notify the Library Personnel Office if during the course of the academic year, the Department can no longer accommodate Community Service Volunteers.
    2. The Community Service Volunteer is interviewed by the Library Personnel Office staff to determine work hours and availability.
      1. The Library Personnel Office assigns the Community Service Volunteer to an appropriate department.

        (1)  The Library Personnel Office calls the supervisor to determine a time for the volunteer to report for duty.
        (2)  The Library Personnel Office tells the volunteer the supervisors name, phone number, a brief description of duties and the reporting time.

      2. It is the responsibility of the Community Service Volunteer to contact the employing department as instructed.
      3. Once the Library Personnel Office has assigned a person and reviewed the paperwork information is entered in the Library Personnel Office Community Service Log.

        (1) Community Service Volunteers name,
        (2) number of hours to be worked,
        (3) the date referred,
        (4) and the unit.

  4. The Community Service Volunteer should receive adequate training by the Department supervisor in order to successfully complete assigned tasks.
    1. The supervisor establishes a work schedule that accommodates the unit's needs. All Library rules and regulations are to be followed regarding work performance and attendance.
    2. It is the responsibility of the Department supervisor to immediately report performance problems or absenteeism to the Library Personnel Office.
IV. Responsibility:

It is the responsibility of the Library Personnel Officer to administer and maintain this policy and procedure as directed by the Director of Libraries.

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