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Library Personnel Office: Dean's Menu/E-Mail Account Procedures

I. Policy:

The Library Human Resource Office (LHR) will request a dean's menu from the Systems Department for all newly hired chairs, department heads, hiring supervisors and departmental secretaries (other faculty, A&P, and USPS employees require supervisor authorization to have a dean's menu). The LHR will also request a Dean's Menu account for all OPS employees upon the supervisor's request.. The LHR will only terminate accounts for USPS, A& P and Faculty staff.

II. Date: July 15, 1995
Revised: February 2001, August 19, 2002

III. Procedure:

  • A. Requests for New USPS, A&P  and Faculty Employees Accounts: All new USPS , A&P, and Faculty employees will have an e-mail account and in most cases Dean's Menu authorizations established by LHR  when they begin work.
    • 1. The LHR Office Assistant sends an e-mail request to Libraries' Systems Office (Sys Help), once the employee has been entered into the UF Personnel database by  Processing and Records in the UF Human Resources and is physically working. No requests can be made until this happens.

      2. The LHR Office contacts the new employee's supervisor notifying him/her of the e-mail user id and temporary password.

      3. New employees are given the same Dean's Menu authorizations as the previous employee who held that LP#. Access to the Dean's Menu can only be established after an e-mail account has been put in place. Sys Help uses the e-mail identification to establish the menu and a temporary password. The password is changed by the new user. Once the account is established, we request the individual application on-line per the supervisor's request. LHR will notify the hiring supervisor and employee as soon as the account has been established.

      4. If the Department Chair or Supervisor decides that the employee needs additional authorizations they should contact the Office Assistant. Some applications must be submitted via a paper format. The Office Assistant will assist with these requests.
  • B. Termination of  USPS, A&P and Faculty Accounts: LHR will process the termination of all E-mail and Dean's Menu accounts for USPS , A& P and Faculty but not OPS employees.

1. Terminations will occur upon the final processing of an employees exit papers.

2. In those situations where security is an issue, the Office Manager should be contacted as soon as the supervisors is aware of a problem. Termination of the accounts can be done immediately.

  • C. Requests for New OPS Employees:  All e-mail requests for OPS employees must be made by the department. All Dean's menu requests will be made by LHR

1. Each Department will be responsible for notifying Sys Help for any e-mail account requests for all OPS employees. The e-mail to Sys Help should include the following information: employee name, department , supervisor, whether they are a Student or Stadium OPS employee and their date of hire.

2. In the likelihood an OPS employee needs a Dean's Menu account. The department should contact LHR. LHR will set up the OPS employee's Dean's Menu accounts in the same way they do the those for all staff members.

  • D. Termination of OPS E-mail and Dean's Menu  accounts: Each Department will be responsible for notifying Sys Help of all OPS employees who terminate and need their accounts discontinued. 

1. The Department should send an e-mail  request for termination to Sys Help containing the following information: the name of the person, department; supervisor, whether they are a Student or Stadium OPS employee, their date of termination. This e-mail should be copied to the Office Assistant in LHR.

IV. Responsibility:

It is the responsibility of the Library Personnel Office Manager to maintain this procedure as directed by the headof  Library  Officer.

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