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George A. Smathers Libraries: Drug Free Work Place Policy

I. Policy:

The George A. Smathers Libraries in accordance with the University of Florida is committed to providing a work environment free of the abuse of alcohol and the illegal use of alcohol and other drugs. To enhance this commitment, the Libraries support the programs adopted and implemented by the University that seek to prevent the illicit use of drugs and the abuse of alcohol by University community members.

II. Date: April 15, 1996

III. Referenced Documents: University of Florida, Drug Free Workplace Statement

IV. The staff of the Smathers Libraries (faculty, A&P, USPS, CWSP and OPS) are to abide by the rules and regulations concerning the abuse of alcohol and the illegal use of alcohol and other drugs as set forth in the University of Florida, DrugFree School and Work Place Policy Statement (revisedOctober 2004)

    A. Employees who know of any abuse of alcohol or illegal use of alcohol and others drugs in the work place are to notify his/her supervisor or the Library Personnel Officer.

      1.The Library Personnel Officer, or designee, shall proceed to thoroughly and objectively investigate the complaint or alleged incident.

      2. The investigation will include interviewing the accused, any pertinent witnesses, and reviewing any available relevant documentation. The investigation will be conducted in as confidential a manner as possible.

        Note: Failure to report known abuse of alcohol or the illegal use of alcohol and other drugs in the work place may result in disciplinary action.

      B. Upon the prompt completion of the review, the Library Personnel Officer determines the next appropriate contact authority.
V. Responsibility:

It is the responsibility of the Library Personnel Officer to implement and maintain this procedure in accordance with rules and regulations as set forth by the University of Florida, as directed by the Director or Deputy Director of Libraries.


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