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George A. Smathers Libraries: Requests For Equipment

I. Policy

The Smathers Libraries makes every effort within budgetary means to maintain, and upgrade all types of equipment utilized by staff and patrons. Twice each year, library managers are asked to submit requests for equipment needed within their departments. Requests for computers, peripherals, software etc. should be made following the Systems Hardware, Software, Programming Request procedures. (See PPM policy SYS-3)

II. Date: March 1, 1996

III. Definitions:

  • Expense Items: Any consumable or expendable purchase regardless of cost. Examples: office supplies, maintenance contracts, chairs, desks, file cabinets, book trucks slide projectors, software.

  • OCO Items: Tangible property of a non-consumable and non-expendable nature, costing $500 or more, and the normal life of which is one year or more. Examples: computers, computer terminals, microfiche/film reader printers, photocopiers.

IV. Submitting requests:

    A. Twice each year (Fall & Spring) library managers are asked to submit requests for items needed within their departments.
      1. Department chairs are responsible for prioritizing requests for the department.

      2. Prioritized requests are submitted to division directors who include division-wide needs and prioritize requests for the divisions. The Directors Group adds any library-wide needs and integrate the lists to produce two overall library lists, one for OCO and one for Expense.

    B. Additional requests may be submitted at any time during the year.
      1. The Chair must indicate how the additional request affects the departmental rankings already established in the Fall and Spring cycle.

      2. The division director changes the division ranking and the directors integrate the request into the library list. Prioritized lists will be maintained for the department, division, and library by the Business Services Office.

    C. Careful analysis of the objectives of the department and development of successful strategies to accomplish them result in a wiser expenditure of funds. The directors consider requests in light of overall library goals. The criteria listed below are applied and should therefore be considered by the departments when writing justifications and setting overall priorities.
      1. The equipment promote efficiency ( i.e.. secure maximum productivity in relation to effort and expense).

      2. It promotes effectiveness ( i.e.. demonstrably help the unit achieve its objectives in a cost effective way).

      3. It reinforces morale by encouraging and rewarding staff initiatives.

      4. It maintain the proper balance between library and department objectives.

    D. Department chairs are notified of approved requests and are expected to inform personnel within their areas of decisions made.
V. Responsibility:

It is the responsibility of the Business Services Officer to maintain this policy and procedure as directed by the Director of Library Support Services.

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