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George A. Smathers Libraries: One Semester Half Pay Professional Development Program

I. Policy:

The Library's One Semester, HalfPay Professional Development Leave program has been initiated to increase the library faculty 's value to the University through enhanced opportunities for professional renewal, planned travel, study, formal education, research writing, or other experiences of professional value. This program is independent of the Professional Development Leave program administered by the University of Florida, Office of Academic Affairs.

II. Date: March 5, 2001

III. Ref. Forms:

  •  A. Application Form
  • B. Evaluation Form
IV. Ref.Document: University of Florida Faculty/Board of Regents Agreement, Article 22 (Professional Development Leaves)

V. Eligibility:

The One Semester, Half Pay Professional Development Leave is available to tenured library faculty who have six years of fulltime continuous service, or nontenure track faculty with three years of fulltime continuous service to the University.

    Note: The One Semester HalfPay Professional Development Leave is not granted as a reward for service, but rather an opportunity to develop professionally.
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