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George A. Smathers Libraries: Library News

I. Policy:

Library News is an information vehicle, established by the Smathers Libraries in 1991, to bring news and information to University of Florida faculty on the libraries' policies, procedures, services, and collections.

II. Date: July 20, 1995

III. Reference: Library News

IV. Procedure:

    A. The publication schedule is five issues/year, two issues during each fall and spring semester and one during the summer. Beginning in fall 1995, it is also available electronically off the UF libraries home page.

    B. Distribution is based on faculty lists provided by Academic Affairs.

      1. One copy is sent for each faculty member in campus departments and IFAS centers constituting the primary clientele of the Smathers libraries.

      2. A proportional number of copies are sent to departments served by the Legal Information Center and the Health Sciences Center Library.

    C. Articles should be submitted on disk in Microsoft Word, 10 point Bookman font. It is critical that articles be in by established deadlines.
      1. Articles are written or solicited and reviewed by members of the Editorial Board.

      2. The Editorial Board is responsible for final copy editing.

      3. Suggestions and unsolicited articles are welcome and will be reviewed by the Board.

    D. The Editorial Board is comprised of library staff, representative of library units and activities, appointed annually by the Director for Public Services with the advice of PSSC and the Directors.
V. Responsibility:
    A. The Public Services Division secretary, with assistance of Directors' Office staff is responsible for production and distribution, as directed by the Director for Public Services.

    B. The Director for Public Services is responsible for implementing and maintaining this procedure as directed by the Director of Libraries.

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