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George A. Smathers Libraries: Licensing Agreements and Trial Subscriptions

  1. Policy:
    Many publishers of digital information (serial and monographic formats) require a licensing agreement for access to their electronic publications. As the licensee, the Libraries will not receive or pay for digital information from any publisher/licenser until the Director of Collection Management (DCM) has approved the licensing agreement and the contract is on file.
  2. Date: April 15, 1995  Revised: March 23, 2007
  3. References
    1. George A. Smathers Libraries: Software Copyright Policy
    2. Collection Management Manual Bulletin, no. 6.3-1
  4. Procedure: Licensing Agreements.
    1. Licensing agreements, whether for single use or multiple user access are contracts and as such, must be negotiated through the official library representative, the Director for Collection Management (DCM).
      1. Any re-negotiations or subsequent additions or deletions to an existing agreement need to be approved through the DCM.
      2. Official copies of the agreements will be kept in the Electronic Resources Unit.
    2. Electronic resources will be ordered and received as directed in the "Electronic Resources Order Procedures."
      1. The Systems Office is consulted to determine what technical requirements the existing network infrastructure can support.
      2. Any collection manager who wishes to initiate an order for an electronic format product should be aware that the DCM reviews licensing agreements and continuation approvals prior to ordering and payment.
      3. After completing the licensing negotiation and order process, the collection manager should disseminate information about the general terms of the licensing agreement to the staff in expectation of the item's receipt.
  5. V. Procedure: Trial Orders/Subscriptions
    1. Individual selectors may request a "Trial Order" directly from the publisher to determine, before committing to an ongoing order, if a title is suitable for the library's collection.
      1. Selectors are responsible for following the terms of the trial agreement and following all other vendor requirements.
      2. Should the selector want to place an order for the item, the established procedures are followed.
  6. VI. Responsibility:
    It is the responsibility of the Director for Collection Management to maintain this procedure.
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