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I.  This policy emphasizes the priority of creating a LUIS catalog record for use in library materials processing.  The policy assumes that preservation resources are best expended on materials securely recorded in the permanent collections.

II.  The acquisitions and cataloging processes generate LUIS system bibliographic records with unique control numbers and item records.  Preservation will be responsible for the end-processing of items that have entered the permanent collections.  All end processing will be properly tracked and communicated on the linked LUIS item.

A.  Materials will be cataloged in LUIS prior to processing and preservation treatment.
B.  All materials, whether prepared for commercial or in-house pamphlet binding, will be charged out to the bindery or to conservation using the linked item record which appropriately represents the volume as it will be bound.
III.  This policy excludes:
A.  Special Collections Department materials needing conservation treatment;
B.  The reproduction of materials which are out-of-print and otherwise unavailable, as covered by Collection Management Manual procedure 7-5.

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