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George A. Smathers Libraries: Request for Overtime Hours

I. Policy:

Non-exempt employees are not encouraged, nor expected, to work beyond their usual 40 hour work week schedule. There are circumstances, however, that may necessitate a request for hours beyond the scheduled 40 hour work week in order to meet the libraries' mission. These hours must be requested and approved prior to working the hours.

II. Date: April 15, 1996

III. Procedure:

A request for overtime is required when a non-exempt employee is permitted to work beyond the usually scheduled 40 hour work week.

    A. The department chair sends a memo or e-mail message detailing the request for overtime to the appropriate Division Director.
      1. The request includes the name of the employee(s) affected.

      2. The pay period in which the overtime hours are to be worked.

      3. The maximum number of overtime hours requested during each applicable pay period.

      4. The justification for the overtime.

    B. If the Division Director agrees with the request, it is sent to the Deputy Director of Libraries for approval.
      1. The Deputy Director of Libraries returns the request approved/disapproved to the appropriate Division Director.

      2. The Division Director forwards approved requests to the Library Personnel Officer.

    C. Blanket approvals are granted by the Director of Libraries for limited hours of overtime to be worked by night employees in certain public service areas during the break weeks. In these cases this procedure can be abbreviated. The department chair may forward the justification directly to the Library Personnel Officer for action.
IV. Responsibility:

It is the responsibility of the Library Personnel Officer to maintain this procedure as directed by the Deputy Director of Libraries.

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