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George A. Smathers Libraries: Pay Warrant Distribution

I. Policy:

Library departments are responsible for the distribution of employee pay warrants for faculty, administrative & professional appointments, USPS, OPS personnel and student assistants.

II. Date: May 1, 1995

III. Procedure:

    A. The Department Chair or Office Head assigns an employee with pay warrant distribution responsibility which is indicated in the annual assignment/position description. No other payroll preparation responsibilities can be assigned this employee. In addition, each department must have written procedures for distribution of pay warrants.
      1. Pay warrants are pickedup in Library West Administrative Office on pay day Friday's at 11:00 am.

      2. The individual responsible for pay warrant distribution prepares the Pay Warrant Signature Form.

        a) The Pay Warrant Signature Form consists of the applicable pay period,
        b) a line for the employee to print her/his name,
        c) a line for the employee to sign her/his name,
        d) and the date the pay warrant is received.

      3. Pay warrants are distributed in the department in accordance with department procedures.

      4. Each employee must sign a department Pay Warrant Signature Form upon receipt of the warrant.

    B. Pay warrants not distributed are returned to the Library Personnel Office, along with the department's Pay Warrant Signature Form by 12:00 pm on the Friday following a pay day Friday.
      1. Pay warrants held by departments between the pay day Friday and the following Friday are to be secured in a locked facility with limited access.

      2. Pay warrants returned to the Library Personnel Office are returned to the University of Florida Payroll Office.

      3. Library staff requesting their pay warrants after the Friday following a Friday pay day do so at the UF Payroll Office.

    D. If an employee is not available to pickup a pay warrant and has asked someone else to pick it up, the employee must provide written authorization addressed to the Department Chair or Office Head, in advance of pay warrant distribution. This letter should accompany the pay warrant signature form to the Library Personnel Office.

    E. If an employee is not returning to Gainesville to pickup the pay warrant, written instructions with a forwarding address must be sent to the University of Florida Payroll Office prior to departure.

IV. Responsibility:
    A. It is the responsibility of the Library Personnel Office Manager to maintain this procedure as directed by the Library Personnel Officer.

    B. It is the responsibility of each library Department Chair or Office Head to distribute and return pay warrants as outlined in this procedure.

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