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Library Personnel Office: Employee Personnel Files

I. Policy:

Personnel files are maintained in the Library Personnel Office for all employees of the George A. Smathers Libraries. Personnel files are kept and maintained in accordance with applicable Florida statutes and appropriate University of Florida Collective Bargaining Agreements.

II. Date: May 15, 1996
Revised: February 2001

III. Ref Documents:

  • A) Public Records Law and Employee Information
    (Library Personnel Office Policy, #LPO2)
    B) Administrator's Information Packet, Section 9: Personnel File (Office of Academic Affairs)

IV. Procedure:

  • A. Personnel files include information pertaining to employment records and performance evaluations:
    • 1. the employees initial appointment paperwork, which may include the letter of appointment, notification of appointment, letter of acceptance, biographical information sheets, the 250 form, and fringe benefits paperwork;

      2. all records reflecting appointments, reappointments, promotions, reassignments, transfers, separations, tenure, change in status, change in rate of pay, changes in the position title or rank, leaves of absences, sabbaticals, and any other transaction pertinent to the employment record;

      3. any correspondence directly relating to the employee's employment record;

      4. any correspondence awarding released time or staff development travel;

      5. annual assignments or job descriptions;

      6. annual evaluations;

      7.records regarding disciplinary action, including counseling letters, letters of reprimand, suspension or termination notices;

      8. correspondence regarding a Worker's Compensation claim.

    B. Personnel files do not normally contain the following:

    • 1. tenure and/or promotion packets;

      2. letters of reference submitted as part of the initial search report;

      3. copies of creative works produced by the employee;

      4. copies of nonevaluative memos and other correspondence relating to workshops, conferences, seminars or other meetings the employee conducts or participates in;

      5. any nonevaluative correspondence describing or relating to committee assignments or community involvement.

    C. To review their file, an employee contacts the Library Personnel Office to arrange a convenient time.

    • 1. Personnel files do not leave the Library Personnel Office.

      2. An employee may request copies of material in his/her file; these copies are made by a Library Personnel Office employee.

    D. Any person may have access to nonevaluative material in an employees personnel file pursuant with the Public Records Law.

    E. Evaluative material in a USPS or an A & P employee's personnel file dated prior to July 1, 1995 may only be reviewed by the employee, University or Board of Regents officials responsible for the supervision of the employee, or any person with written authorization from the employee. Evaluative material for USPS and A & P appointments dated after July 1, 1995 is open to the public.

    F. Evaluative material for faculty appointments may only be reviewed by the faculty member, University or Board of Regents officials responsible for the supervision of the faculty member, or any person with written authorization from the faculty member, regardless of the date of the material.

V. Responsibility:

It is the responsibility of the Library Personnel Office Manager to maintain the procedure as directed by the Library Personnel Officer.

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