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Library Personnel Office: Public Records Law and Employee Information

I. Policy:

In accordance with the State of Florida Public Records Law (chp.119) certain information on state employees is considered public record. The Library Personnel Office is, therefore, required to share that information upon public request.

II. Date: May 15, 1996

III. Ref. Documents:

    A) Employee Personnel Files (Library Personnel Office Policy, #LPO3)
    B) Administrator's Information Packet, Section 9: Personnel File (Office of Academic Affairs)

III. Procedure: Requests for employment verification and salary history are forwarded to the Library Personnel Office.

    A. As required by law, the Library Personnel Office is bound to release the following information when  and only when  specifically requested to:
      1. verification of employment dates

      2. current salary

      3. current employing department and department telephone number

      4. home address and telephone number as listed in the University of Florida Directory.

    B. The Library Personnel Office does not release an employees social security number.

    C. Requests for employee information are honored when presented in written/electronic format or in person.

      1. Telephone call request: The Library Personnel Office instructs the person enquiring by telephone that request for verification of employment and/or current salary are to be submitted in writing, or inperson.
        a). Callers may be told, upon request, in which department a permanent employee works and the telephone number of that department.

        b). Due to the irregularity of student assistant schedules, telephone requests to identify an employing unit of students are not given. The Library Personnel Office will ask the caller for a name and telephone number which is passed on to the student assistant

      2. In-person request: An inperson request for verification of employment, current salary, employing department and department telephone number are released by the Library Personnel Office. The person requesting employee information should be asked by the Library Personnel Office staff to identify himself/herself.

      Note: The person requesting information, though asked, is not bound to identify themselves; it is not a requirement for receiving information.

    D. An employee's file may be reviewed in accordance with the Public Records Law and the Library Personnel Office Policy: Employee Personnel Files (LPO3) and the Administrator's Information Packet, Section 9: Personnel File (Office of Academic Affairs).

    E. The Library Personnel Office, as a courtesy, informs an employee of the release of information:

      1. what information and in what format it was released;

      2. to whom, if known, the information was released;

      3. when the information was released.

    E. Requests for former employee information, usually presented in a form letter, are completed to the best of our ability, in accordance with this policy/procedure, and providing the information is readily available. For example, the Library Personnel Office is able to verify the last salary of a former student assistant, but may not be able to verify employing department or exact dates of employment.
IV. Responsibility:

It is the responsibility of the Library Personnel Office Manager to implement and maintain this procedure as directed by the Library Personnel Officer.

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