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1.  To locate information on a difficult or time-consuming concept/term/question.

    a.  It is a concept/term/question new in the literature.
    b.  It is a cross-disciplinary term.
    c.  It does not fit with usual print source description or term.
2.  To verify problem citations.
    a.  The citation is incomplete, e.g. lacks year/date.
    b.  The citation is inaccurate.
    c.  If a. and b. cannot be accomplished by using a printed source.
3.  For brief searches of state-of-the-art topics.
    a.  To minimize the time lag of print sources.
    b.  To use free text searching to resolve indexing problems, indexing lags.
4.  To find a few relevant articles or some brief data to get a patron started.
    a.  Must limit to approximately five minutes database time
    b.  No more than 10-20 online types, depending on database "type" charges and searcher discretion.
    c.  No off-line printing of ready-reference "hits".
5.  To find subject descriptions/identifiers to be used in conducting a manual search (state-of-the-art topic not included in thesaurus, printed indexes, for example).

6.  For search of index to online databases (e.g. DIALINDEX) to refer patrons to print sources, or to estimate effectiveness of a proposed (charged) search.

7.  For bibliographic information of specific works when OCLC or print sources are judged ineffective.

8.  To provide limited retrieval from databases which have no print equivalent available at UF (Guideline in 4. above).

9.  For discretionary use of the Library Staff
    a.  Library-related (to support committee work, for example).
    b.  Professional development (to support research projects approved by the Dept. Chair).
10.  For Patron Requests costs of $9.99 or less that are absorbed by the UF Libraries.
a.  Transfer "fee" form to RR search form (staple).
b.  Send to Accounting as RR search.
A searcher must exercise judgment in utilizing this service.

The searcher should make maximum use of CD-ROM databases and free files for developing search strategies and providing information.

Please send any questions or comments to: Cynthia Bowker

Last revision on February 21, 1990

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