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George A. Smathers Libraries: Research and Publication

I. Policy:

Supporting staff research and publication is a high priority for the library as a corollary to providing for staff development. It is expected that staff will assume primary responsibility for their growth and that the Library will make a joint contribution to assist them. Although the employee's primary responsibility is to fulfill assigned work responsibilities in the department, library faculty are expected to demonstrate evidence of professional growth by identifying and researching problems relating to bibliographic control, user services, management of complex operations or emerging technologies. The fruit of this research should be published, read to professional societies, or otherwise promulgated to the profession.

The Libraries, realizing the importance of these types of activities to the professional, the profession, the Libraries and the University, actively promote achievement in the area of professional development and scholarship as evidenced by such scholarly contributions to the field. Particular emphasis is placed on the publication of substantial articles in refereed journals, but proposed books, grant proposals, and other research products are encouraged and supported.

II. Date: March 18, 1988

III. Attachment: Research Proposal Form

IV. Requests for approval in conducting research should be made to the Department Chair on the Research Proposal Form.

    A. After approval from the Department Chair the form will be forwarded to the Division Director who will, with the advice of the other directors, reach a decision on the request.

    B. Upon approval of the proposal, the librarian's annual assignment will be changed, if necessary, to reflect the amount of time spent conducting research.

    C. If such a request is approved for an A&P or USPS employee, the employee's position description will be changed to reflect the change in activities.

    D. Criteria for approval of research proposals include:

      1. degree to which results will benefit the Library, the University, the employee, and scholarship in general

      2. need of the profession for breakthrough in this area

      3. expertise of the applicant that would permit him or her to carry out the project successfully

      4. outside funding ( e.g., CLR grant0 or joint project with an academic faculty member

      5. well thought-out publication prospects (in scope for proposed journal, etc.)

      6. current work load of the employee and the department in general.


Name:_______________________________ Date of Proposal__________________.

Department _______________________.

1. Describe in detail the research you propose to undertake. Use additional sheet/s if necessary.

2. Describe your expectations regarding length of time for completion of the project.

3. What is the total number of hours you expect the project to take?

4. How many hours per week are you requesting and for how many weeks?

5. If funding is necessary, who will fund the project?

6. If publication is expected, where do you plan to publish the results of the research? Have publishers been contacted? What responses did you receive from them?

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