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Library Construction and Renovation

The Facilities Planning Office is the primary liaison between the University Libraries and campus or outside architects, engineers and contractors performing any construction-related work on library facilities. The goal of the department is to ensure a safe, comfortable work environment for staff and patrons throughout the duration of any construction or renovation project.


The Facilities Planning Office will:

1. Provide continual communication with the staff involved on the nature, scope and duration of any construction project which may affect their work spaces.

2. Hold pre-construction meetings to discuss with staff the impact of the construction on their spaces. Some of these will be mandatory for staff to attend.

3. Distribute schedules of utility or fire alarm outages.

4. Provide any appropriate drawings of the affected areas.

5. Provide project schedule updates.

6. Conduct multiple, daily on-site inspections of the construction site and report any problems immediately to the proper authorities. Keep library staff and management informed.

7. Report immediately any suspicion of health hazards to Environmental Health & Safety Department and request their immediate response to the site. Alert library staff and management to take appropriate precautionary measures immediately. Any industrial accidents or illness resulting from exposure to the construction site must also be immediately reported. The Procedures for Reporting Occupational Injuries or Illness in the Libraries is contained in Policy and Procedures Manual. ALL STAFF must familiarize themselves with this section.

Please send any questions or comments to Misty Swain

Last revision on October 15, 2001

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