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Guidelines for Making Referrals

1. Conduct Reference Interview

a. Determine what patron needs
1. Level of service required
2. Level of sources required
b. Provide basic LUIS instruction, if relevant
2. If a referral is appropriate, either :
a. Direct Patron to Other Location
1. Location of appropriate resources/information
a. via LUIS (or)
b. verified by phone (or)
1. in order to determine if referral is accurate
2. when in doubt PHONE
3. refer to a specific person, when appropriate
c. verified by print source, etc.
2. Inform patron of location
a. how to get there
b. hours at location
c. when staff is present
b. Refer Patron to Specialist
1. Patron requires more indepth service
a. consult Resources Sharing Manual
b. consult other staff members
c. consult outside sources, when appropriate
2. Assist patron in contacting specialist
a. arrange appointment, if appropriate (or)
b. notify when specialist likely to be available (or)
c. provide specialists card, phone number, etc.

Please send any questions or comments to: Cynthia Bowker

Last revision on December 7, 1992

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