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Requesting/Ordering Library Supplies

A list of available library supplies is contained in the Supply Catalog in the "Facilities" file in the Public Folders or on the Facilities webpages. A copy is also located in the supply room. Any item requested which is not a stock item (as listed in the catalog) is considered a Special Order and should be listed on a separate form from requests for stocked supplies. Special Orders must have the approval of the department head of the requesting unit. All Special Order requests will be forwarded to the Library Business Services Officer for approval and processing. The Library Purchasing Agent will then contact the department head concerning the status of the request.


1. Each department must designate in writing those personnel authorized to requisition and pick up supplies. Requests for supplies from other than designated personnel will be denied unless accompanied by written authorization from the department head.

2. E-Mail Requisitions

a. Authorized personnel may request supplies by E-mail from the Facilities webpages in the Staff Toolbox. Orders received in the Supply Office by noon, Monday through Friday, will be filled by supply room staff and will be available to be picked up the following business day.

b. Normally, no reply to the E-mail request will be sent by Supplies unless there is a problem with the order.  Items which are out of stock will be ordered and made available upon receipt. Status of backorders will be reported via E-mail to the requesting department.

3. Hard Copy Requisitions
a. Requests for supplies will also be accepted hand delivered or mailed to the Library Supply Room, 146 Library West, using the green form "SUPPLIES OR SPECIAL ORDER REQUESTS". Forms are available at the Supply Office.

b. Orders received by campus mail will be treated as E-Mail requisitions. Departments are encouraged to call the Supply Room ahead of time to ensure their order is ready to be picked up.

4. Emergency Requisitions
a. Departments are encouraged to monitor their supplies on hand and re-order in a timely fashion to avoid running out of stock. Should an item crucial to library operations be required it may be obtained from the Supply Room at any time during normal business hours.

Please send any questions or comments to: Misty Swain

Last revision on October 15, 2001

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