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Building Keys

The University of Florida Libraries maintains and issues door keys for its facilities to library employees. Keys for Libraries East, West and Marston Science are held by the Library Facilities Planning Office, 145 Library West.


1. Issuance of keys

a. The department head shall request in writing that the Facilities Planning Office issue a key(s) to an employee. The request should be submitted two weeks prior to arrival of the employee. This is to ensure that the keys are available. If the desired key is not available, a supply will be ordered from the campus key shop. Key orders usually take 7 - 10 days.

b. The employee shall present a copy of the request to the Facilities Planning Office in Room 145 Library West on his/her first day of employment in order to receive keys requested.

c. Upon receipt of the request the key will be issue to the employee.

 d. Individual staff members receiving keys will be held responsible for their safekeeping. At the time of issue the employee is required to sign a Key Custody Card. This card identifies the employee, provides the campus address, and the key number of the key assigned. The custody card is held on file in the Facilities Planning Office.

e. Loss of keys must be reported immediately by telephone and submitted in writing to the Facilities Planning Office via appropriate department heads. The Facilities Planning Office will evaluate the effect on building security of any lost key and change locks as appropriate.
f. Exterior door keys will be issued on an overnight basis with written justification from the department head. Building master keys shall only be issued under special circumstances and only with permission of the Director of Library Support Services or the Director of Libraries.
2. Key retrieval
a. The department head is responsible to ensure that the keys of any departing employee are returned to the Facilities Planning Office.

b. The employee must return all assigned keys prior to departure and have the Termination Checklist signed by Facilities Planning personnel (see Policy and Procedures Manual, p. 48.)

c. If at any time during the course of employment a key is no longer needed it shall be returned immediately to the Facilities Planning Office.
d. Should an employee fail to return all assigned keys upon departure, the campus Finance and Accounting Division shall be notified and the individual's record will be flagged until the keys have been returned.

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Last revision on October 15, 2001

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