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Moving Furniture and Equipment

Furniture and equipment may be moved within a unit with Department Chair authorization. The new location of the equipment/furniture must be reported to Facilities Planning. However, Department Chairs or their designees must report movement of any computer equipment (PCs, terminals, printers, etc.) to the Systems Office in order to keep records needed to expedite maintenance and repair services up-to-date.

No furniture or equipment may be moved from one library unit to another, moved to a "storage area", stairwell or closet, or discarded without obtaining approval from the appropriate Director and notifying Facilities Planning. The Facilities Planning Office is responsible for maintaining the property inventory for the Libraries and must be able to locate and account for all furniture and equipment.


The following steps should be taken to transfer or discard furniture or equipment:

1. Discuss plans and seek necessary approvals from Department Chair and Director.

2. Notify Facilities Planning of your intent. List all items (with decal numbers, if they exist), briefly describe their condition, and indicate whether they are to be discarded or transferred.

3. The Facilities Planning Office will then:

a. Confirm transfers with receiving unit.

b. Check equipment against current equipment want list or survey library units to determine need for equipment in good condition.

c. Set up appointment with surplus property staff to survey equipment or furniture not needed in the Libraries.

d. Update inventory information.

e. File "Report of Transfer of Property" form and complete other necessary paper work.

f. Assist unit in making arrangements to move furniture or equipment. Since neither the Libraries nor the University have adequate storage space, it may take some time before unwanted items can be removed.

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Last revision on October 15, 2001

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