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George A. Smathers Libraries: Faculty and Staff Exchange Program

  1. Policy:

    The faculty and staff exchange program is intended to facilitate the enhancement of individual skills, provide options for library services, and encourage broader interaction among departments within the library system. The program will allow personnel to better understand the relationship of their current assignments with those of others, thereby generating greater understanding of the library system. Faculty, TEAMS and USPS personnel are encouraged to participate.
  2. Date: January 24, 2006
  3. Program Objectives:
    1. To provide opportunities for faculty and staff to increase their knowledge of library operations ultimately increasing job satisfaction and reducing employee burnout.
    2. To develop and strengthen communications within the library system
    3. To enable the library to develop a more flexible and knowledgeable staff, increasing its capacity to successfully meet the mission, goals and objectives.
    4. To develop a pool of trained personnel that can be drawn upon by departments which lack certain expertise?
    5. To enable the library to call upon individual faculty and staff to assist in departments during critical periods.
  4. Procedure:
    1. The program encourages personnel in different types of environments and work situations to build skills in areas where they have little or no expertise.
      1. An employee must have worked within the library department for a minimum of two years to be eligible for the faculty and staff exchange programs.
      2. All participants must have received an “achieves” level on the annual performance evaluations for at least two years prior to the beginning of the Staff Exchange.
      3. An exchange may involve the “complete” job or specific duties as determined by the supervisor and the individual(s) participating in the exchange.
    2. Exchange opportunities must be approved by the immediate supervisor, department chair, and the appropriate supervisory personnel in the department where the employee wishes to participate, and be reviewed by the Human Resources Officer.
      1. In order to gain maximum benefit, assignments are limited to a minimum of three months and a maximum of one year.
      2. The exchange must be within the same pay grade for USPS and TEAMS personnel. Librarians may exchange positions without rank/level designation. However, supervisors must ensure that the responsibilities are commensurate with the guidelines established for rank/level.
      3. Schedules will be agreed upon by all parties.  However, an exchange assignment must be at least quarter time.
    3. An evaluation of the individual’s work experience while participating in the exchange is required at midpoint of the exchange and at its close.
      1. The midpoint evaluation may be verbal.
      2. The final evaluation must be a written narrative and will be placed in the participant’s file. Acknowledgement of the participation must also be in made in the annual evaluation.
      3. If at any point the parties involved in the exchange wish to discontinue it or change the agreement, a conference must be held by all parties, including the Staff Development Officer. A memo of understanding and/or a revised position description/annual assignment must be written, and will be placed in the participant’s personnel files.

    Note: Individuals who wish to have an exchange experience in another department but are unable to find a partner, may participate with the appropriate approvals.

  5. Responsibility:

    It is the responsibility of the Libraries’ Staff Development Officer to maintain this procedure as directed by the Human Resources Officer.
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