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Library Personnel Student Internship Program

Internship Site Information:

Instructions: Please fill out all portions of this form.

Department Information:

Department Name:__________________

Department Head:__________________


Box Office:__________________________

Name of Supervisor of Student:_______________________________


Box Office:__________________________

What are the time limits of the position?

Fall semester__________________

Spring semester _______________

Summer semester ( A)  ( B) (C) (check all that apply)

Ongoing _____________________

Other _________________________

Type of work experience: Check all that apply

Administration /Management                                             Multi Media Production

Archives                                                                                 Network Administration

Bibliographic Instruction                                                       PC Hardware/Software Support       

Cataloging                                                                              Reference

Children’s or Young Adult Services                          Serials

Collection Building & Maintenance                         Special Collections

Database Design                                                                   Usability Analysis

Database Searching and Maintenance                                 Web Design

Government Documents                                                        Web-based Information Organization

Help desk/technology User Support                         Web-based Info Searching & Retrieval

Interlibrary Loan                                                                   Other (Please specify)


Type of skills needed prior to work experience:





Paid? Yes (OPS) or No                      Pay Range ____________________

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