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George A. Smathers Libraries:  Student Internship Program Policy

I. Policy:

 In order to aid potential recruitment possibilities in all areas, the Library has formed a student internship program.  Student interns may be utilized to perform project work in divisional areas under the guidance of librarians. This program falls under the auspices of   Rule 6C1-3.0031 University of Florida and Chapter 110 of the Florida statutes.

 II. Date:  September 1, 2004

 III. Additional Information:  Internship Registration Information Request, Volunteer Form         

 IV. Procedure:

Seeking an intern for a project:

 A. Prior to contacting Library Human Resources, the department head responsible for the proposed activity should secure approval of the appropriate division head.

 B. Department Heads should contact the Library Human Resources Office and provide the information on the attachment sheet regarding their student internship position.

 C. Library Personnel will contact the schools and provide the appropriate information. Library Personnel will act as a liaison between the school’s internship coordinator and the department head and the supervisor.

 D. Specific information regarding skills and abilities needed for the position will be handled through the Library Human Resource Office.

 E. Logs and information regarding students, position information and supervisors will be kept in the library human resources office. 

F. Any librarian contacted by a student inquiring about internship opportunities needs to advise that student to contact Library Human Resources for information.

G. A Volunteer Personnel Information form is to be completed by each student intern.  These can be obtained at

Students contacting Human Resources for internships:

A. Library Human Resources will request a  resume of students interested in applying for internships and forward that information to the chairs. Additional contact with  the student will be through the appropriate department and HR will facilitate.

 V. Responsibility

 The Library Human Resource Office is responsible for updating this policy/procedure.

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