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George A. Smathers Libraries: USPS & TEAMS Hiring Procedures and Salary Guidelines

I. Policy: In order to provide a consistent, orderly method of hiring, all USPS & TEAMS appointments in the Smathers Libraries are coordinated and facilitated by the Library Human Resources Office.

II. Date: May, 25, 1997
February 2001, March 9, 2005

III. Ref. Documents:

  • A. Vacancy Announcement
    B. Position Description

IV. Procedure: To requisition a position.

  • A. The hiring supervisor informs the Library Human Resources Program Assistant that s(he) needs to fill a vacant position.
  • 1. The hiring supervisor forwards the position description via electronic attachment, along with a hard copy containing all appropriate signatures.

    2.The Program Assistant gets approval from the Library Human Resources Officer to post.

    3. Budget and operational requirements will determine how long a position is left vacant.

B. The hiring supervisor and the Program Assistant discuss needed information to complete the requisition.

  • 1. Department interviewers are identified. All interviewers must have completed a hiring/interviewing session at University Human Resources. (Faculty are encouraged to attend session)

    2. In-house candidates are identified.

    3. The work schedule is determined.

    4. Special requirements are considered.

C. The Program Assistant enters the information into the Peoplesoft system. The Central Employment Center authorizes the posting.

V. Procedure: The Interview Process

  • A. The hiring supervisor reviews the candidates when the applicant pool is made available by Central Employment.

    B. The hiring supervisor schedules interviews with applicants.

    • 1. It is permissible to interview during the posting period (7 days) but the position cannot be offered until four working days after the closing date for applications, and is only offered by the Program Assistant.

      2. You will have the information from each candidates' job application available on Peoplesoft. The supervisor may check references on the top three candidates prior to setting interviews, or s(he) may have references checked following the interview (see Section V; par. E).

    C. You will find demographic information available for each candidate.

    • 1. The University of Florida is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer.

      2. If you have questions about how to apply the University's policies in this area, contact the Library Human Resources Officer.

    D. If not completed prior to the interviews, after completing the interviews, the Hiring Supervisor contacts references (usually previous supervisors) for the preferred candidate(s) to determine candidate's suitability for the position and verify previous work history. This information MUST BE DOCUMENTED ON THE EXPERIENCE AND EDUCATION VERIFICATION FORM. 

    • 1. The Peoplesoft system tells the supervisor if the candidate has given permission for you to contact the current employer.

      2. Current employers of candidates OUTSIDE the University will not be contacted without permission from the candidate.

      3. Internal candidates (promotion, demotion or reassignment) have all given their permission by signing the application form.

      4. Current supervisors for internal candidates at the University are to be contacted.

      5. At least two references should be obtained to consider a candidate for the vacancy.

      6. Once the references have been checked and the Experience and Education Verification form has been completed by the Hiring Supervisor, the form should be forwarded to the Program Assistant.

VI. Procedure: Salary Guidelines:

USPS & TEAMS library classifications all require a high school diploma and varying degrees of relevant experience which is accounted for in determining salary level. However, only the Library Human Resources office is authorized to discuss salary negotiations.

The following information is offered as a guideline only and may be modified as needed due to budgetary constraints.

A. Initial appointment USPS & TEAMS salaries are established at base for the classification as indicated in the current University of Florida's University Support Personnel System Pay Plan plus up to 5% of base for:

an awarded undergraduate degree


two years of fulltime, directly relevant experience.

B. Initial appointment USPS & TEAMS salaries are established at base for the classification as indicated in the current University of Florida's University Support Personnel System Pay Plan plus up to 10% of base for:

an awarded undergraduate degree


two years of fulltime, directly relevant experience


four years of fulltime, directly related experience (no undergraduate experience).

C. Initial appointment USPS & TEAMS salaries are established at base for the classification as indicated in the current University of Florida's University Support Personnel System Pay Plan plus up to 15% of base for:

an awarded graduate degree


two years of fulltime, directly relevant experience


six years of fulltime, directly related experience (no undergraduate experience).

  • 1. Relevant experience must be in direct support of the essential job function as indicated on the position description.
    • For example: An employee must have worked in a library to be considered as having relevant experience for all positions in the Library Technical Assistant Series, secretaries must have direct secretarial experience for the Office Support Series, and Computer Series appointments must have appropriate demonstrated skills.

    2. Only fulltime relevant experience is applicable. If the relevant experience is not fulltime, such as part time or intermittent appointments, only actual experience is counted. For example, a 2 year half time appointment of directly related relevant experience is counted as 1 year of experience.

D. Internal personnel transactions often require a salary adjustment.

  • 1. Salary increases for internal USPS & TEAMS promotional appointments are based upon the employee's current salary or at base of the new position as indicated in the University of Florida's University Support Personnel System Pay Plan, whichever is higher.

    2. There is no salary adjustment for an internal demotion when initiated by library administration as the result of organizational restructuring.

    3. An internal demotion initiated by an employee is subject to salary guidelines as set forth in this procedure (see Section VI, par. A, B and C).

    4. There maybe a salary adjustment for internal USPS & TEAMS lateral transfers.

E. Excess rate and budget for all personnel transactions are held in the directors' discretionary fund.

VII. Procedure: Making an Employment Offer

  • A. The Hiring Supervisor contacts the Program Assistant to discuss the information obtained during the reference check process.

    B. A recommendation for the position based on the candidates interview and checked references is determined along with the desired start date.

    C. The Program Assistant  and Library HR Officer determine the rate of pay as outlined in the "Salary Guidelines for USPS & TEAMS Appointments."

    D. An employment offer cannot be made until the posting deadline has passed.

    E. The Program Assistant offers the applicant the position and negotiates a start date.

    F. The hiring supervisor is notified of the outcome of the offer and the start date of the new employee.

    G. Arrangements for employee orientation, sexual harassment mini conference, parking, etc., are stipulated in an offer letter to the newly hired employee and a copy is forwarded to the hiring supervisor.

VIII. Procedure: Completing the Hiring Process

  • A. The supervisor provides justification to the Program Assistant via e-mail as to the reasons for hiring the candidate. The Program Assistant is responsible for notifying the interviewed/non-selected candidates that the position has been offered to another candidate.

    C. The Program Assistant completes the Peoplesoft process to hire the new employee.

    • 1. The Program Assistant writes a letter of offer to the new employee and personally contacts all candidates who had been interviewed to inform them that the position has been offered to and accepted by another candidate.

      3. A copy of the letter of offer goes to the supervisor, and is placed in the new employee's personnel file.

      4. The Program Assistant  completes the University of Florida's Payroll Forms Checklist and forwards it and all pertinent forms to the attention of the recruiter, in Central Employment, who's handling that position, to inform them that the position has been filled.

      5. A copy of the hiring data printed from the PS screen (salary and starting date) is placed in the personnel file and given to the Office Assistant in the Library HR Office.

      6. The Office Assistant requests an email account for the new employee from the Systems Department.

    D. If the employee is new to the University, The Program Assistant keeps makes a list and forwards all those names at the end of each semester to the Staff Development Officer, for purposes of scheduling New Employee Orientation within the Library.

    E. The employee reports to the Library HR Office before starting work as agreed and attends payroll sign-up as scheduled.

    • 1. The employee receives their first paycheck in accordance with the sign-up deadline as posted by Central Employment (check with the Library HR Office Assistant for that date).

      2. New employees are issued a form by the Program Assistant to take to the UFID Office for a Gator 1 card.

      3. A search file is keep with all backup information regarding the hiring of any USPS 7 TEAMS position for auditing purposes.

IX. Responsibility:

It is the responsibility of the Program Assistant to maintain this procedure as directed by the Library HR Officer.

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